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It’s gonna be a super short post today.  We’re heading into the studio in an hour for the final day of tracking for this new Doomtree crew record.  Really excited to move into the mixing phase tomorrow and be one step closer to getting this whole project out there.

In the meantime though you can still order advance tickets for the upcoming Good Time Zoo Tour (w/ Sims, Cecil, and myself) and get a bonus gift of a signed poster and free signed copy of the new Sims EP (more info on that real soon) that we’ll be bringing out on the road this September.  Get tickets HERE (Username: Sims  Password: Tickets).

This last weekend we did a couple festival shows in the midwest and had pretty much the best time ever.  I barely got any pictures due to the insane amount of fun that was being had.  Friday we played the Kanrocksas Festival in (you guessed it) Kansas City.  The whole thing was held inside the track of the Kansas Motor Speedway.  I thought Soundset was massive, but this thing was a whole nother beast.  Eminem headlined, and our backstage trailer was nestled right next to D-12, Primus, and the Flaming Lips!!!  Totally surreal glimpse into these crazy million famous band summer festivals.  My wife and I are enormous Lips fans, so the fact that Young Baby Ander snapped a creeper shot of Wayne Coyne checking out our set pretty much blew my mind.

And to top it off, here is Sims dropping a legend point with Wayne himself.  So awesome.

After our set we all ran around from stage to stage like little kids checking out a ton of bands.  Ellie Goulding, Ween, Primus, Kid Cudi, FLaming Lips, Eminem.  I’ve never been to a huge festival like this before, and I’m starting to see why they’re so popular.  Here’s a few shots from the Flaming Lips set.  They let us up there with all the props and dancers! (apologies if I’m starting to sound like an overbearing Flaming Lips stan).

And a view of the crazy stage and light show from the side.

Total insanity.  The rest of the night (Eminem’s set in particular) gets a little blurry.  All I know is I danced a ton and we definitely drove multiple laps around the entire speedway in a golf cart.  Haha, one of the greatest moments of my life and I am not even a NASCAR fan in the slightest.  So yeah, festivals are the best.

I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Jams by S.O.S Band.  This 80’s R&B kick that I’m on lately just won’t quit.  Plain Ole Bill (who put me up on this) actually got to see these guys live last week and said they still destroy.  I believe it.  Shouts to the hometown team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  Sorry I was so late to this party.  These songs have been billowing out of the Camry all summer.

OK, off to the studio for this final day of tracking.  Much more info on this crew record on the way shortly.  Late fall is gonna rule so hard.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  See you next Tuesday.

— Beak