"Beacon" Listen + Lyrics

DoomtreeCecil Otter, Dessa, Doomtree, P.O.S, Paper Tiger, Sims

Raps: Dessa, P.O.S, Cecil Otter, Sims
Beat: Cecil Otter

I took it for a kiss, but it couldn’t have been, could it? / I see now what it is, we were just biting the same bullet / You called it in the air / it landed it on its edge / when the crowd gathers around / you turn tail / I turn heads / Shaving down the puzzle piece / tryna make a clean fit / Take what is lovely / leave before the rain hits / It’s a heartbreaker for starters, as you age not too much changes / practice doesn’t make perfect, just makes the game more dangerous

Start repo / negative sleep nauseous / barf party for sure / intelligent creep stalking awkward / Flush flustered rush for doors / advance fire-plan / handy with the way out / routes explored / Cover catching up / careful with your care / We don’t go there, naw / We keep locks and keys steadily swallowed / never be followed, none of em dare / Channel up your anger leave it here / kindly disappear / Mind your mannerisms / I can’t be flattered back / The patterns the concern / lessons prolly turned to fact / By now you’d surely drown yourself before you’d help me with this sail / I’m in the wind / crossed fingers for the win / Up to ten til they hammer in the very last nail / Challenging like every last stalemate / Deal with it / No mission ends / Precision lack of friends / Happily recommend nothing to no one, ever

CECIL (Hook)
I know, I know / I know wake up, wake up / But I don’t go there, go there / She knows the way home

You know your way home? / You gonna be all right? / Yeah, but I had faith that you’d see the light / and ride with me or kiss me goodbye / Now you got me feeding kites into the night sky / Covered them with nightlights, like, did you see the beacon? / I swear I let those kites fly around all weekend, no? / Well someone must have cut the lines or something, no? / Or maybe something, oh, you weren’t looking / Ok Plan B just panic / run up the stairs and shut the door to the attic and don’t come up for air / until you’re torn from her fabric completely… / and just like magic, you’re all in one piece again / But, I’m nothing like I used to be… / elusive and reclusive / Now I’m just both times a hundred…exclusively / Truthfully, I was blind to the deep end / until that piece of us went and died that weekend (Hook)

Then it flashed forward, but I asked for it / Rip out the doubt, I’m way too south / I gulped it up, I laid back / peeling off the layers / the mantra saying “fear can’t stay here self see you later” / Fire chakra dissolve to ether / I have to meet her, I know she knows the way / I’ll have to die twice, no Novocaine / See the Eye of Horace, I am Osiris / I meet the devil, it ain’t the first time / He kills me quick like I am nothing / Scream St. Peter, I need you now cousin / I see the owls coming, they float me safe / I learn their grace, they help me heal / I’m under stars peeling off my skin to rid my scars / it’s the first time I am reborn, but I am not me / No identity, and I am finally free / I am my brother, I am my father / I am the sun, I am the water / I am an ion, I am everything / I am the vapor, a cloud of smoke / I am a cheap laugh, but I get the joke / I am a brief flash, the abstract