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Welcome back to the last Tuesdays With Lazerbeak before we hit the road again for Leg 2 of the No Kings Tour.  Highlights of my brief week at home include watching Being Elmo (documentary of the decade), discovering pickle juice martinis (good one Cam), and eating all the Papa John’s pizza ever (and hanging with close family and friends of course).  We leave for Iowa City tomorrow and then make our way down the middle of America throughout the next week before landing in Austin for our annual SXSW takeover.  Then it’s back up to Colorado for our first ever week-long Snow Kings Tour.  You can get all the show info/ticket details you could ever want right HERE at doomtree.net/events.

And in case you had forgotten what a Doomtree tour looks like, the young gunner Chris Hadland (seriously I think he was born around the time Toy Story came out) is back with another awesome recap video from our time in Canada and our way back home.  This one includes some serious behind the scenes moments involving lost passports, stressful Canadian border crossings, and the mandatory impromptu dance routine.  Check it out:

Bang.  We’ve got a ton of stuff to get together before our departure tomorrow so I’m just gonna list a couple things that I’ve been super into lately and keep it moving.  First up:

Being Elmo is the best movie I’ve seen all year hands down.  It’s a documentary about the life of Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind Elmo, and words will not do it’s awesomeness justice.  I’ve loved all things Jim Henson and the Muppets since I can remember, and this is an amazing look into the behind the scenes world of that whole camp.  Pretty sure I wept quite a few man tears of joy throughout the entire second half of the film.  If you’ve got Netflix it just started streaming on there.  Can’t recommend it enough.

Merge Records just reissued one of my favorite albums from when I was in junior high: Vee Vee by Archers of Loaf.  This was came out back when I was in serious indie rock kid mode and these guys and Pavement could do no wrong.  Hard to say if this music really holds up well or if I’m just nostalgic, but these songs still rule to me.  This definitely had a huge influence on TPC! in the early years, back when guitar bands still dominated everything.  Check out some beyond lo-fi mid 90’s rock videos below for a blast from the past:

OK, that about does it.  I’ll leave you with a pretty amazing Bonus Jam of the Week.  This time it’s a free mixtape from the ultimate homies Get Cryphy (Plain Ole Bill, Jimmy 2 Times, DJ Fundo, and Last Word).  These guys have been dropping nothing but ultimate bangers on Minneapolis dance floors for quite some time now, and they put this collection of one millllliiiion rapid fire heaters together to celebrate their 4 year anniversary party at First Ave last month.  I’m a little late on this since we were on the road when it dropped, but I’ve been bumping it nonstop out of the Camry ever since I’ve been back home and it goes hard.  No one puts tapes like this together anymore, seriously no one.  Really proud of what these dudes have been able to accomplish, and thrilled that they will be opening and closing our Doomtree showcase night at SXSW on the 14th.  Click the picture below to stream or download Get Cryphy 2: Rambo 4 Ivan Drago.  You will be so happy.

Boom.  Time to run all of the errands ever.  I hope you have a wonderful week.  Looking forward to seeing a ton more of you out on round 2 of the No Kings Tour over the next month.  Take care.

— Beak