On the road again

DoomtreeDessa, News

Oil up the compass, and fish the sextant from the junk drawer; it’s time to hit the road. In just over a week, the band and I will set off on a little Midwest tour*.

For the first time, we’ll be bringing Aby Wolf along; she’s an incredible singer and a major contributor to the set. With her singing harmony, we’ll be able to play some songs that we’ve only performed at home Minneapolis–bestill our pounding hearts.

That’s Aby.

If you’re in the neighborhood, check us out. We’re friendlier than you might think–particularly if you think we’re unfriendly. Our full routing is below.

Tuesday, June 19th — Grand Forks, North Dakota Museum of Art (Box office: 701-777-4195)
Wednesday, June 20th — Fargo, The Aquarium TICKETS
Thursday, June 21st — Rochester MN, (Free, 1st Ave SW & 1st St SW)
Friday, June 22nd — Sioux Falls, 605 Summer Classic TICKETS
Saturday, June 23rd — Omaha, The Waiting Room TICKETS

* Yes–you singularly astute geographical mind, you–I know there are no mountains on this route. That was the only pretty tour picture I kept on my phone. After years of independent touring,  you eventually stop pointing your camera at the passing scenery and your mind curls within itself to contemplate the nature of motion, the inexorable passage of time, and the suppression of a desperate need to urinate in the interest of arriving to soundcheck on time. So, for the sake of this post, that’s the great Nebraskan Range. Deal with it.

Your friendliest friend,