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Hey there, welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak!  Just a gentle reminder that Paper Tiger’s Summer EP pre-order is in serious full effect mode.  Make sure to order real soon if you want to receive one of the bonus Beat Tape CDs that comes with 15 unreleased Paper Tiger instrumentals.  We only made up 500 total and they are moving fast.  

Huge shouts to everyone that has already ordered a copy.  It really means a ton to us to see this kind of constant support for each album.  Click HERE to go to the webstore and grab one, and stream the first single, “Gold Pass,” below if you haven’t heard it yet.

OK, enough of the shameless promotional plugs for one week.  Let’s get into some sweet photo recaps.  The last couple weeks have been jam packed with awesomeness.  Here’s a mammoth random picture slide recap to further prove that point.  

The rappers went overseas again to play a couple European festivals.  Here they are rocking in front of twenty gajillion people at the Hip Hop Open in Stuttgard, Germany.

I finally had my first garage sale and got rid of a ton of my old records.  I’d never done one before, and it ended up being pretty awesome (and hilarious).  Check out my live Twitter blogging of the whole event at #garagesaletweets for some serious gems.  

I even got rid of my previously viewed Blockbuster copy of Surfer, Dude!  Amazing.  This sweet lady picked it up for her 17 year old son.  Years of entertainment are ahead of you.

We wrapped up the mixing and mastering of Summer EP and Beat Tape with true pro engineer extraordinaire Joe Mabbott, who put a strong amount of pondering into each individual mix (I think you’ll be able to hear the difference).

What will become the official 35th and 36th release in the Doomtree catalog in just a few short weeks.  We got another one.

Stef is so close to wrapping up his upcoming full length We Don’t Even Live Here, and it is gonna be beyond worth the wait, promise.  Fall cannot come soon enough man, this record is for real a classic.  Here he is in rare clean shaven form proofing lyrics for the final album artwork.

My friend Maya totally went to Hawaii and brought her copy of LAVA BANGERS to an actual active volcano (cop it with the Summer EP HERE).  So baller!

The whole crew flew out to Seattle for the Capitol Hill Block Party and we had a blast.  I love that town so much.  

While we were out there I got my first solid eight hours of sleep in two months.  Feeling like a new man.

After our set we stumbled upon this crazy truck fire in progess (no one was injured thankfully), and Sims snapped this pic of the rising flamez as the windshield blew out.  Totally nutz.

Mike getting his Frankenstein on.

Dudes got seriously tatted up.  Mike got like 17 new tattoos from a homie out in Seattle, and Stef just got the super G’d up full body “Little Mercy” lyrics yesterday from the legendary Billy Baca (she’s on the cover of Ipecac Neat) over at Leviticus Tattoo here in town.    

On a completely 180 degree spin, I turned 30 over the weekend and was given a pair of tickets to see Louis CK and these crazy Dad Shorts by my lovely wifepiece.  To all my dads worldwide, is this really how you guys wear your shorts?  I haven’t rocked anything above the knee since my neon green biker shorts back in the 2nd grade, but I’m determined to get into this new adult lifestyle by any means necessary.  I’ve been told socks and sandals are next.

And now for some extremely shameless adorable baby pics to take us out.  Here’s Dessa getting some hang time in with Penelope. Total pro baby handler.  Precious Momentz.

Penyellowpe (or Nelpz for short) is doing awesome.  Over 7 pounds now and more awake and alert than ever before, despite the passed out pic above.  She is truly the best.  

That about does it for this week’s photo recap.  I’ll leave you with a brand new Bonus Jam by one of my favorite bands (regardless of how many people tell me I’m crazy for liking them): The Killers. I had no idea these guys got back together and are putting out another record in September.  After Flowers went solo and the band went on hiatus I thought the magic might be over for good.  Nope.  Here’s their first single off the new album.  Sounds like they’re definitely going the Springsteen/Seger route again with this one, and I am not mad at it.  Check out “Runaways” below.

OK, I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Make sure to spread the word about Paper’s Summer EP if you get a second.  I’ll see you next Tuesday.

— Beak