Parts of Speech Packaging and In-Stores

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Hey! Parts of Speech drops this Tuesday and we’ve got a brand new video showcasing just exactly what the physical versions of the CD and LP are all about. Check out the sweet promo video below (courtesy of the extremely talented Adam Dunn) to get a glimpse of the real deal album, and also witness the glamorous life of running an indie label out of your living room. Plus you get to hear “Skeleton Key” (track 4 on Parts of Speech) in its entirety, so I’d call that a win/win all around.

One more thing if you live nearby the state of Minnesota: Dessa and her whole band will be going on a 24 hour record store tour this Tuesday to hang out, sign CDs, and play some of these new songs out live. Things kick off with a listening party and autograph signing at Fifth Element on Monday night at midnight. On Tuesday morning they’ll travel to Duluth for a noon in-store performance at Electric Fetus, followed by a 5:00 in-store performance in St. Cloud (also at the Electric Fetus). Then at 8:00 they’ll bring it all back home to the Minneapolis Electric Fetus for a final performance and autograph signing.

Due to such high demand in the Twin Cities, you will only be guaranteed admittance to the MPLS Fetus show by pre-ordering the CD or LP directly from them (link HERE). Those that do pre-order will receive a bonus gift and first dibs on spots at the in-store. There will also be a second line open to the general public that will be let in on a first come first serve basis once all pre-orderers have been admitted. There are only 250 spots total though, so you might not want to risk it. Pre-order an album from the Electric Fetus right HERE, and check the flyer below for all the details. Hope to see you Tuesday!

Dessa MN Tour - web flyer