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Welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak and yet another BIG TYME news update. P.O.S has just announced The F*cking Best Show Ever on September 13th. It’s his first big solo show in nearly two years, and man, it is a serious doozy. CHECK THIS OUT!

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Curated by Stef and our friends at Greenroom Magazine, TFBSE will be an all-day outdoor event featuring an incredible array of national and local talent in beautiful downtown Minneapolis on September 13th. This will be Stef’s first headlining show since his kidney transplant, and to celebrate he’s bringing SZA, LE1F, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Allan Kingdom, and Zuluzuluu along for the ride, plus sweet DJ sets by Polica and DJ TIIIIIIIIIIP. Not to mention The F*cking Best After Party Ever, which is going down next door at the Fine Line immediately following the show, featuring performances from legend god Däm Funk and a rare solo production set from Lazerbeak (hey that’s me), plus a boatload of special guests. Click right HERE for all the sweet deetz and ticket info. This is gonna be one for the ages!


Speaking of downtown Minneapolis shows for the ages (SEGUE), don’t forget about the second annual #ASTROSIMS show going down at First Ave on August 23rd! Sims and Astronautalis on stage together for a very special night of old classics and brand new material. Grab your tickets right HERE

Sims has been hard at work in the studio finishing up this Field Notes solo project, and I’m happy to say that just yesterday we knocked out the final mixes! Final mix days are always pretty hectic and intense, so I didn’t get any good studio pics, but here’s Sims a few weeks back laying down initial vocals. So pumped to be moving this thing into the mastering stage. We’ll have a bunch more info for you on this new release in the coming weeks, so definitely stay tuned!

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The creative bug seems to be hitting everyone in our crew pretty hard right now, as our very own Mike Mictlan went into the studio just last week to start laying down vocals for his upcoming solo project. More updates on that in the coming months, but for now please enjoy this picture of Mike in the booth seconds after delivering his own airplane sound effect adlibs. So very versatile.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 8.53.25 AM

Before we go and start unloading all this new music on you though, we’re wrapping up our first dozen years or so as a crew by putting out Every Single Day, the super limited-edition 500 page retrospective Doomtree photo book. Only 1,500 of these babies exist (and we’ve already sold nearly half of them in the first few weeks of the pre-order), so make sure to check out the very informative and dazzling promo video below and grab one before they’re gone for good. Click HERE to swoop one up. The pre-order officially ends in three weeks!


Almost forgot, there’s one other cool Doomtree-related show coming up soon that I haven’t mentioned at all yet. Our very own Ander Other will be DJing a sweet event called New Space on August 1st at First Ave, alongside a totally stacked local bill including Greg Grease, Shiro Dame, Allan Kingdom, Tiny Deaths, Manny Phesto, and DJ Just Nine. Click the flyer below for more details, and go HERE for tickets. This night is gonna rule super hard.


Alright, that does it for music and show news, so let’s jump right  into an incredibly special Video Bonus Jam. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard me talk from time to time about a band called Ten Grand (formerly the vidablue) and the impact they’ve had on me and countless others throughout the past decade plus.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.48.45 AM

Ten Grand was an awesome indie/hardcore/rock band that started up in Iowa City way back in something like 1998 (I think?). My old band The Plastic Constellations met these guys at a basement show back when we were just teenagers, and from there on out it was a total best budz wrap. They took us out on our very first tour ever when TPC! was still in high school (shouts to my folks for letting us borrow the Previa!), and we pretty much learned everything we know from them. Not just music stuff either, but the bigger picture life things (like how to treat people awesomely and be a good person) that have stuck with me as I’ve grown muuuuuch older. Over the course of five years Ten Grand played about 400 shows all over the world, building a community and network of extremely close knit friendships along the way. It was really an incredible thing to bear witness to, and even now I’m not totally sure how they pulled it all off. TRU LEGENDZ OF THE GAME!

In 2003 singer/guitarist/best dude ever Matt Davis (middle in the pic) passed away suddenly in his sleep and everything came to a stop. It was a devastating blow that we’re all still working out, and all I can really say is that he was an absolutely incredible person while he was here. The past ten years have been different without Matt and without Ten Grand, but I’m so happy to have known and still know these great guys. Without getting too sappy, I really don’t think I would have taken and kept on the musical path in life that I did without having met them, and I’m extremely grateful for that.

Joel Anderson (far right) recently finished up a decade long project of sifting through the 50+ hours of video footage he shot of the band throughout their tours, and just put out this great little documentary called “Thanks for the Money.” It’s a bit less of a doc I guess, and more of just a really cool glimpse into the ridiculous life of a hard touring band doing things on their own terms. I can’t recommend watching it enough, even if you’ve never heard of or met these guys. I’ve put some crucial Ten Grand Bonus Jams underneath the video too, if you feel like getting familiar or reminiscing at all. Oh, and make sure to check out ten-grand.com for a steady stream of constantly updated pics and memories. Insanely huge shouts to Joel, Bob, Zach, Matt, Will, Man Piles, and the unreleased Quillzen Sessions!

OK, just a few Bonus Baby Pics before I call it for real. Crab Man Cam continues to shed his crabby persona on the daily. I’m really gonna have to come up with a new nickname here pretty soon. Please send me your suggestions. Comfortable Man Cam just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


Laid Back Lou on the other hand continues to further develop this laid back lifestyle that he’s so found of.


And how could we forget Penny and her favorite Cheezits Snack Mix. She’s developed quite the system of eating these things. First she picks out and eats all the weird air puff circle dealies, then she licks the salt off all the Cheezits squares, and for the grand finale she dumps whatever is left all over the floor and steps on it. Real cool stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.21.09 PM

BAM! That’s it for this extremely long post. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks so much for all of the sweet birthday wishes over the last couple of days. 32 is already off to a great start. See you next week with another super big TWL post!

— Beak

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