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Hey! Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Last week we continued the Doomtree 2016 Takeover with a brand new EP from our very own Paper Tiger. Each one of these In Other Words EPs focuses on a different musical influence from Paper’s upbringing, and this one is definitely my favorite so far. Here’s Paper himself to talk a little more about the project and what inspired this new batch of songs.

Hey fellow TWL fans. Last Friday we released In Other Words: Part Two, the second installment of a four-part series. For this release I looked back on some of my more pop influences, old and new. Again the song titles and colors are derived from inspirational albums that I picked out to guide this process. Check out some of those below.

Huge shouts again to everyone involved in this process: Lazerbeak, Vance Wellenstein, Dessa, Aby Wolf, Jessie Daley, Joe Mabbott, Bruce Templeton and Diana.

Hope you dig it.
Back to you Beak…

— Paper


Thanks, Papes. Love the Janet Jackson influence in there. Stream In Other Words: Part Two below and then go grab it for yourself over at iTunes (HERE) or Bandcamp (HERE). And if you get a second this week we’d definitely greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about this project all over the place. We got another one!

Speaking of new projects (ahem, SEGUE STREAK), Dessa is gearing up to unveil her very first ice cream flavor this Wednesday (7/27). Dessa’s Existential Crunch is a collaboration with Izzy’s Ice Cream and I can safely say that it is 100% delicious. Head over to Izzy’s Downtown Minneapolis location tomorrow night for a big ice cream social and sets from Dessa and Aby Wolf. Check out the flyer below and grab your tickets HERE. All proceeds will go to benefit The Bridge for Youth.


Next week, once everyone has recovered from their brain freezes, Dessa will head overseas for a couple weeks of shows. She’ll be in Italy on August 3rd and 5th, and then over in the UK for performances in London, Manchester, and Cardiff. Check out all the sweet deetz right HERE and give a heads up to any peoples that you might have in those fine regions of the world. These should be great.


P.O.S is hard at work on new material these days, but he’ll be making a quick trip up to Canada this weekend for two big shows in Edmonton and Calgary. Check out all the details right HERE, and stay tuned to this site for more new music coming much sooner than later.


Doomtree’s own Ander Other is throwing a crazy dance party down at 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis on August 6th to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the first Neptunes/N.E.R.D. album. There will be all-Neptunes DJ sets from Ander, Sophia Eris, Makr, and Claire de Lune. Should be a blast. Check out more info HERE.


And if you’re in the Twin Cities this week and looking for an incredible late show to go to after Dessa’s ice cream social, make your way down to Icehouse to catch a special Red Bull Sound Select featuring Boys Noize, Marijuana Deathsquads, and sloslylove. This is gonna be a good one. You can RSVP right HERE and gain admission for only $3!


OK! That about does it for Doomtree-related news. Now let’s get into some sweet new Bonus Jams. Summer is in full effect and the summer anthems just keep on coming. I’m really excited about this new Dreezy album, especially after hearing this “Body” track with Jeremih (one of my favs). Check it out below. Perfect music for this time of year.

Dreezy ft. Jeremih – “Body”

PARTYNEXTDOOR just dropped a follow-up single to this Spring’s excellent “Come and See Me” smash hit. I slept on this guy for a long time and wasn’t much of a fan of his previous mixtapes, but his songwriting work on Views and this new “Not Nice” song are getting me amped for the new album.


Lucien Parker dropped an excellent full-length debut last month. I’m still getting caught up but I’ve been way into everything I’ve heard so far. Check out the Black Sheep LP in its entirety below. Excited to hear more from this guy.

Lucien Parker – Black Sheep LP

Finding Novyon continues his rise to the top by dropping this out-of-nowhere mixtape with producer J.KELR. Check out Believe in MPLS below. Excited to see all the moves that Novy’s been making and looking forward to hearing more from the whole Rotation crew.

Finding Novyon + J.KELR – Believe in MPLS

Haley Bonar’s gearing up for her biggest release to date with her Impossible Dream full-length dropping next month. Check out another great single from the project below. Glad to see her getting tons of national press already for this one.

Haley Bonar – “Stupid Face”

BAM! That’s it for Bonus Jams. Here’s a few Bonus Baby Pics before I take off. Cam, Lou, and Penny have become the bestest of buds as of late. Here they are lounging around and watching “unpackaging” videos on YouTube, which is maybe the most enraging form of entertainment I’ve ever been subjected to, consisting entirely of grown women shooting POV vids of them opening kids toys while talking in baby voices. Don’t get me started.


The “playground”/kid prison has been getting a lot of use this summer, especially with the edition of a water table and swimming pool on these scorching hot days. Here’s Penny, Aniyah, and Baby Wesley cooling off and making sure their inflatable pony stays hydrated.

image1 (2)

And here’s P and Aniyah striking a pose for the camera. BFFs in full effect. Pretty sure that Aniyah is low key flicking off the camera in this one.


OK, before I call it I’ve gotta freak out a little bit about this Babyface/New Edition concert that I had the ultimate pleasure of going to last weekend. By far the greatest show of my long-legged life! Enormous shouts to Greenroom’s Jake Heinitz for helping to bring the show to the Twin Cities and also for hooking up these insane floor seats (so close that my wife got a hi-five!). Here’s Babyface himself mid-way through his absolutely crushing set. Masterful work by one of the all-time greats.


And here’s New Edition tearing the house down. Such a joyous and life-affirming night. It’s been awhile since I got floored by the power of music like that. SO. MANY. HITS. Plus Johnny Gill came out for a solo and covered two Luther Vandross songs, so it pretty much couldn’t have been any better.


Here’s a picture of me and fellow New Edition die-hards Sonia and Jeff commemorating the night with a $20 photo next to a backdrop of the Ricky, Bobby, Ralph, Michael, and Johnny. Priceless.


What an unforgettable night. Here’s my Babyface Starter Pack one more time to honor the man of 1,000 jams. Click the cover below to really get into it. Theeeeeee best.


Alright! That does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay cool out there and definitely stay tuned to this site for lots more new music. The Doomtree 2016 Takeover is just getting warmed up.

— Beak

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