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Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! It’s gonna be a short rundown today as I’m currently on actual vacation in PORTUGAL after celebrating the big Luther album release party last Friday. One of the the greatest nights of my long-legged life. It really felt like the culmination of the last 18 months between making this album and getting it out into the world. Enormous shouts to all the publications that ran in-depth profiles on Luther this past week. Here’s the Star Tribune article with lots of pictures of my insane children right HERE.

And here’s the City Pages article that gets more into my workflow and Crystal Daddy lifestyle right HERE.

And here’s a really in-depth interview with The Current’s Andrea Swensson that gets into all the different mindfulness techniques I’ve gotten into over the past few years right HERE.

The show on Friday at the Parkway Theater was pure love. I still can’t believe all of my favorite people came together in one room for such a party. Enormous shouts to Cecil Otter, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, Sims, P.O.S, Paper Tiger (surprised me!), Ander Other, Jeff Allen, Jeyca Maldonado, Sophia Eris, Bionik, Longshot, Joe Horton, Alexei Casselle (there in spirit!), Shredders, Doomtree, and MY THREE KIDS Penelope, Cammy, and Lou! Here’s a little video of the kiddos KILLING IT earlier in the night.

And here’s a really sweet recap of the whole night with lots of pictures courtesy of Music In Minnesota right HERE.

I seriously can’t thank my co-host Jeyca Maldonado enough for moderating the entire evening. WE DID IT!!!!!!!

So much love to everyone who came. Still can’t believe we meditated!

Alright, that does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Tuesday!!!!

— Beak

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