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Hello and welcome back to an absolutely star-studded edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! First off, I’d be remiss if I didn’t kick this thing off with a reminder to please vote in your primary election today if you live in one of the following places: Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, or Virginia. I just did it very early this morning and here’s the proof that I look absolutely insane until about 9:00am.

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Now onto the news! So pumped to share the 17th episode of the Tuesdays With Lazerbeak podcast with you today. Our very special guests are none other than Sean Tillmann (Har Mar Superstar) and Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog/Sweet Spirit) of the new dynamic duo Heart Bones! Heart Bones released their incredible debut album Hot Dish last week and have just kicked off a big US tour. In this episode you can learn all about how they found one another and how the album came to be. Full disclosure: I love this band and I manage this band and I played on this album.

Check out the episode on the Soundcloud player below or anywhere you listen to your podcasts right HERE, and please help us spread the word to your peoples by sharing it and commenting. We really appreciate it!


And speaking of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak (SEGUE), we’e got our next big TWL live podcast taping at the beautiful Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis this coming MONDAY March 9th. Our guest this time around is none other than Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles and Dead Man Winter. Dave has an excellent solo album dropping later this month and he’ll be performing some stripped down versions of those songs and talking all about his life in the arts and the creation of this new solo work. Plus we’ll have our good friend Longhsot pop by to premiere his new music video/short film for “Parades” in collaboration with director Mercies May. Should be an incredible evening. Grab your tickets HERE.

Last week we announced the first full-crew Doomtree shows of 2020 and holy hell tickets are selling fast. Thank you to everyone who grabbed some right away. The First Avenue show sold out in less than an hour and tickets to The Palace on May 2nd are flying. There are now less than 500 total tickets remaining, so if you’re hoping to catch a show now is the time for action. Grab yours right HERE. Can’t wait to party hard with all of you!

On top of the show announcement, we also debuted the first Doomtree crew song featuring all seven members on it for the first time in over five years. The track is called “Five Alive” and features raps from P.O.S, Sims, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, and Cecil Otter, with production from Paper Tiger and myself (Sick Trim 4 Lyfe). Check it out below or wherever you listen to music right HERE and please help us spread the word. Thank you for all the really kind words and messages about the track. It feels so good to have this one out in the world and I’m excited to make some more.

DOOMTREE – “Five Alive”

We just got some incredible news that Shredders (P.O.S, Sims, Paper Tiger, and me) will be performing a musical set at the Minnesota Timberwolves halftime show THIS FRIDAY night at Target Center as the Wolves take on the Orlando Magic. This is a personal bucket list situation for me and I’ve already asked if I can also be a part of the t-shirt cannon shooters in between quarters as well. Come on down this Friday night and watch a truly epic production. You can grab your tickets right HERE.

In some personal news, I am overjoyed to announce that Lizzo’s debut album Lizzobangers, produced by yours truly, has been re-released on all digital platforms. It’s been absolutely incredible to watch Lizzo’s rise to dominance and I’m happy that this piece of history is now back for all to enjoy. So many fond memory of the making of this record. Check out a few old pictures below and take a walk down memory lane with me.


And here’s a few music videos from the album as well.

Lizzo – “Batches & Cookies” ft. Sophia Eris

Lizzo – “Bus Passes and Happy Meals”

Lizzo – “Faded”


While we’re on the music kick, let’s jump into a brand new edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak Bonus Jams. Very excited for this week’s tracks as I’ve decided to go with all Minnesota music, since this great state continues to churn out ridiculous heaters at breakneck speeds. First up is the aforementioned Dave Simonett, who will be our guest next Monday night at the live podcast taping. Loving this new single, one of my favs from his upcoming solo record.

Dave Simonett – “By The Light Of The Moon”


Velvet Negroni just dropped a new loosie on us last week and it is fantastic. Check out “Baguette” below.

Velvet Negroni – “Baguette”


Black Market Brass have a new album coming out incredibly soon, and if the lead single is any indication this one is going to be a monster. Super into this “N.B.T.” track.

Black Market Brass – “N.B.T.”


Stolyette released this amazing lyric video for their standout track “For You,” created by our ultimate homie Adam Dunn aka Phantom Sloth.

Stolyette – “For You”


Psalm One is a recent MN transplant but I’m giving her lifer status. Loving this “Cult of Ye'” track.

Psalm One – “Cult of Ye”


Same with Air Credits who are extended Chicago family. Their new Wasteland Radio EP is absolutely bonkers. I love it so much. Grab the whole thing right HERE.

Air Credits – “Manhattan Beach”


Great to have my man MaLLy back releasing new music. Check out “FLYING” below featuring the Legend God Aby Wolf on guest vocals.

MaLLy – “FLYING” ft. Aby Wolf


Elxina is a super talented up-and-comer from the Twin Cities who just released her new Bedroom Pop EP with a full visual album to go along with it. Check out the whole thing below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for new music from Elxina soon.

Elxina – Bedroom Pop EP


The homie Medium Zach took a little breather from his impressive Beat Story series to drop a brand new solo instrumental called “All At Once.” It’s fantastic. Hoping this means there’s much more to come.

Medium Zach – “All At Once”


MMYYKK from the best MN band of all time, astralblak, just released this wonderful album called Mellow Moods & Meditations. Perfect chillout music. Check out the opening track below and grab the whole thing HERE.

MMYYKK – “Grand Rising (Vibe)”


Big shouts to Tristan Price for waving the R&B flag hard for us here in the Twin Cities. This dude has a phenomenal voice and I’m way into this new “Melanin” video. Stoked to hear more.

Tristan Price – “Melanin”


Just linked up with newcomer EssJay the Afrocentric Ratchet recently and got the chance to hear some of her new YODY EP. Big things to come for sure. Check out the title track below and get familiar.

EssJay the Afrocentric Ratchet – “YODY”


The Backlit Infinite just released this awesome new EP featuring guest vocalist MIKAIL and it is sooooo good. Really cool 80s dance and rock vibes all over the place.

The Backlit Infinite – A Strobe in the Mirror EP


The dudes in pure SHIFTER are back with another tight double single. Check out “BIG” and “SCIENCE” below.



Mac Turner and the whole Royal Family Music Group continue to put on super hard for the Northside. They’re making some of my favorite music out of the state right now. Check out Mac’s “Pray” below.

Mac Turner – “Pray”


And here’s Royal Family Music Group’s Prince Riley with a new smash called “Gang Luv.” These guys are the best and I feel like it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the country gets on board.

Prince Riley – “Gang Luv”


Lastly, I’ll leave you with this hilarious video from Porky’s Groove Machine. Big time shouts to Ilan, the guitarist in the band, who doubles as my co-worker and right hand man at the Doomtree office. #We’reWorkingHard

Porky’s Groove Machine – “Different Kind Of Funk”


BAM!!! That does it for this edition of Minnesota Bonus Jams. Make sure to add the Bonus Jams Spotify Playlist to your personal playlists so you can listen to these heaters wherever you go. You can subscribe right HERE.

I’ll leave you with a couple of ridiculous puppy pictures. Please meet Cheesecake aka CeCe, the newest member of our crazy Party of Five. I guess that makes us a Party of Six now that I think about it. We already love him so much.

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That should cover you for your daily dose of cuteness. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Make sure you go out and VOTE today and I’ll see next Tuesday for another round of TWL.

— Beak

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