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Hey hey! Welcome back to a brand new edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Massive shouts to everyone bumping and sharing the new Night Stone album that came out last Friday. It’s for real a dream come true to see this project out in the world after over three years in the making. ICETEP and I are so proud of this album, and last week we hopped on a phone call with the one and only Jeyca Maldonado and discuss how Night Stone came to be and how we’re all doing in these wild COVID times. That’s right, it’s time for the latest episode of the Tuesdays With Lazerbeak podcast!

You can check out this very special 22nd edition of the TWL podcast below or anywhere you prefer listening to podcasts right HERE. Thanks to ICETEP for being our first phone guest and for dialing in all the way out in Los Angeles. Spoiler alert: We hint at a few new things we’ve been cooking up together as well, so this new album really is just the beginning of the Night Stone era.


If you haven’t had a chance to check out the full Night Stone album yet, you can very easily right that wrong by going right HERE or clicking on any of the links below. Thanks a million for all of the support!!!

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And a massive thanks to everyone that contributed in pulling this Night Stone project off. Here’s my classic Emotional Release Day Thank You Roll Call that I put together last Friday. Thank you thank you thank you!


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Ok it’s time for another Emotional Release Day Thank You Roll Call!!! This @nightstonerocks album has been in the works for over three years. Outrageous love to @icetep.beats for the journey, friendship, and collaboration. We’ve got so much more cooking up. Insane shouts to @l8dmidnight @sophiaeris @mmyykkvibes and Channy from @thisispolica for lending their tremendous voices. @thehideawaympls for the mix and #Broooooce for the master. @ajabaum for the wild synth riffs. @lorenpurcell for the crazy logo, @james_gundersen for the amazing cover, @alexispolitz for the layout, @buskowski for the rad visuals, @copycatsmedia for the CDs, @twincitytees for the merch, @babyrobotmedia for the PR, @ilanblanck and @anderother for the tireless hustle, @doomtree for bringing it to life and giving it a platform. And you for reading this and following me and supporting me and sharing my music with your people. That will never stop meaning the world to me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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OMG I am soooooooooo excited to officially premiere this very long-in-the-works Shredders music video for our Great Hits highlight “Shadap You Face Pt. II.” Our good friend Adam Dunn aka Phantom Sloth sifted through a ton of dog videos and successfully managed to turn P.O.S and Sims into a bazillion lovable rapping pooches. It’s hard to explain how happy this video makes me. I think I’ve watched it 30 times since Adam sent it over last week. Enormous thanks to him for finding more and more creative ways to create awesome visuals during this pandemic. And now without further ado, I give you “Shadap You Face Pt. II,” THE VIDEO. Watching this is one of the greatest acts of self care that you could possibly give yourself. ENJOY and help us pass it around!

Shredders – “Shadap You Face Pt. II” (Directed/VFX by Phantom Sloth)


Hahahahaha, every time the first chorus kicks in and this image pops up I just die.

We actually soft premiered the video on our fifth episode of Doomtree TV last week (MASTERFUL SEGUE!!!!!), which we’ve compiled at the link below in case you missed it on Friday night. It was my favorite one that we’ve done so far. I love incorporating all of our friends into these episodes too. Big shouts to this week’s guests Psalm One, Angel Davanport, Steeve Sleeve, Steve Marsh, Kevin Marsh, DJ Fundo, and THE MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA. Hoping these shows have been putting a smile on your face while we’re all cooped up at home. Relive all of the glory from Ep 5 with us below.



And in case you missed it, here is my latest edition of the Beak In The Day segment, wherein I perform “Careless Whisper” on alto saxophone while donning various tracksuits, silk pajamas, and robes. Consider it a social distanced congratulations from me to you for hanging in there throughout all this. It’s not an easy thing to do, and you’re doing great.

One more thing before I jump into Bonus Jams! This weekend our fav person Sophia Eris announced that her new album Trapper Keeper will be dropping digitally on May 29th. The whole project was produced by Bionik and myself, and I cannot wait for you to hear it. Here’s Sophia spilling the beans to Sean McPherson over at The Current. Can’t wait!

So while we’re at it, let’s kick off a new round of Minnesota Bonus Jams with the latest single from Sophia Eris, “Trap House.”


Big shouts to Sophia’s rap roommates, Psalm One and Angel Davanport, who have joined forces as not only an excellent rap duo in Big Silky, but also started their own fantastic weekly YouTube show appropriately titled ‘A Very Silky Show.’ It is the best thing ever and I love these two with all my heart. Check out Episode 2 below.



Loving the new album from Blood $moke Body, formerly known as Nazeem and Spencer Joles. It’s been awesome to watch these two grow and morph their styles and sound into what it is right now. The whole project is fire, especially this “Black Velvet” joint. Highly recommended.

Blood $moke Body – “Black Velvet”


GAYNGS IS BACK!!! On the ten-year anniversary of their glorious Last Prom On Earth concert at First Avenue, Ryan Olson and company unleashed this new classic “Appeayl 2 U” with some old friends and a lot of new faces. Check it out below and get pumped for more GAYNGS music coming soon.

GAYNGS – “Appeayl 2 U”


I’m a huge fan of Minneapolis artist Kokou Kah, who’s blending a bunch of Liberian musical influences into modern day trap and R&B. Check out “We Come From Something” below and stay tuned for a Kah and Beak collabo on the way.

Kokou Kah – “We Come From Something”


Man, Naeem is the greatest. The artist formerly known as Spank Rock is gearing up to release his debut album under his real name, and this new “Woo Woo Woo” single is absolutely bonkers. Shouts to Micah James and Amanda Blank for murdering their verses too.

Naeem – “Woo Woo Woo” ft. Micah James and Amanda Blank


The homie Mike the Martyr is stepping out from the boards and getting ready to drop his upcoming solo project Drawer of the Mazes, which he produced and wrote.  Mike is a legend around these parts and has worked with practically everybody over the years. Loving this new “Mississippi Magic” single.

Mike the Martyr – “Mississippi Magic”


Just got put onto King Pari, a new project from Nooky Jones’ own Cameron Kinghorn (who you’ll recognize from singing with Dessa and the orchestra a ton over the years) and musician Joe Christensen. This “Sunshine” track is guaranteed to make you feel good. Stoked to hear more from these two.

King Pari – “Sunshine”


Big shouts to my guy Vision the Kid who just released the video for his single “Lights Go Down.” The beat was produced by yours truly and I love how the track turned out. It’s a really sweet homemade music video too, documenting Vision and his wife’s nuptials. Enjoy!

Vision the Kid – “Lights Go Down” (Produced by Lazerbeak)


I know Serengeti isn’t from MN, but he’s about as close to family as you can get, so I’m definitely throwing him in this week’s jams. Geti’s new album with producer Kenny Segal is an instant classic – some of the best work I’ve ever heard out of him (which is saying a lot). Check out “I like how I look” below and make sure to grab the whole AJAI album HERE. It’s great!

Serengeti – “I like how I look (lotion drop)” (produced by Kenny Segal)


Ditto on the MN-affiliation for my man Subp Yao, who oversaw and helped produce a ton of the most recent Four Fists album from P.O.S and Astronautalis. Subp is a beast with the beats and I’m so happy to see him dropping a ton of new instrumental music as of late. He’s also hard at work on the new Astronautalis album and everything I’ve heard so far from them is absolutely crazy. Here’s his new single “Badness.”

Subp Yao – “Badness”


Alright, that does it for this week’s Bonus Jams! I hope you all get a chance to soak up a few rays of sunshine this week now that the weather is getting nicer. Keep staying safe, social distancing, and hanging in there. We’re gonna get through this together. Have a tremendous week and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday for some really exciting news.

— Beak

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