Dessa Releases “Who’s Yellen Now?” Song and Video

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Check out Dessa’s anthem for Janet Yellen, the new US Secretary of the Treasury, below! Late last year as President Biden was nominating Yellen for the job he mentioned that she deserved a Hamilton-esque treatment for being the first woman to be elected to the prestigious position. NPR’s Marketplace accepted the challenge and asked Dessa, composer Andy Thompson, and Lazerbeak to create a 90 second ode to Yellen. Below is fruits of that labor. Huge shouts to Matthew Levine for the excellent lyric video. You can read more about the project at Marketplace right HERE, and if you’d like to support you can purchase the song digitally HERE. Have a great week!

Dessa – “Who’s Yellen Now?” (Produced by Lazerbeak and Andy Thompson, Lyric Video by Matthew Levine)