Lazerbeak Releases “Summer Blockbuster” Single

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Hello friends! Happy Summer. I hope you are doing phenomenal, soaking up the rays, and recovering from an absolutely bonkers NBA post-season. I’m really excited to share my brand new solo single with you and give you an early sneak peak at this upcoming Cameron LP, the final album in my instrumental kid trilogy. This first single is called “Summer Blockbuster,” and please believe me, it was written in quarantine before I had any idea that Black Widow would be dropping and absolutely destroying the box office. I wanted to stay in the same meditative, patient, feel-good instrumental world as my recent Luther and Penelope albums, but also bring in a bit of uptempo energy and off-the-wall hyperness that the real life Cameron “Crab Man Cam” Mader embodies. This was the first song I made for the album and it definitely set the tone for what’s to come. The artwork was created by my dear friend Andy McAlpine, who’s done a brilliant job handling all the art design for the entire trilogy. You can listen to the song below or stream it from any of the digital streaming platforms right HERE. And of course if you’d like to support the music, you can purchase the single on Bandcamp HERE. ENJOY and please help me spread the word far and wide if you get a second.




Here’s a picture of the real-life Cameron, who for the last three years has been patiently waiting for his album to be created and released. He’s been super involved in the entire process – weighing in on song titles, artwork, and even sequencing ideas – and it’s been an absolute joy to have at least one of my three kids show even the slightest interest in what I do as an artist (I’m talking to you, Lou and Penny). This is Cam making a painting of the Penelope cover while he bides his time. What a guy.

Thanks for listening. I hope you have an absolutely fabulous week and I’ll see you back here real soon with more album updates.

— Beak