Lazerbeak Announces ‘Lava Bangers II’ Project

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Hey everybody! Beak here, and I am beyond thrilled to announce that I’m making a sequel to my now 10-year-old beat tape Lava Bangers. For more insight and details on how that initial project came together and why I’ve got the itch to make some new heaters, you can check out the post below. Consider it a quick Season 1 Recap.


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Now onto the news! I’m gonna be making this Lava Bangers II album in real time and rolling out two songs per month on the first Tuesday of each month. I’m calling it #TwoferTuesday, naturally. By the time we hit November the full 20-track instrumental sequel will be complete and I’ll have vinyl and CDs and all of the cool merch stuff to boot. 2o heat rocks in the year 2022. The math just simply works, people! Things kick off TODAY with “Inner Winner / Hardwood Classic.” Below is the fantastic mashup artwork from one of my favorite people in this whole wide world: artiste-extraordinaire Andy McAlpine.

You can check out “Inner Winner / Hardwood Classic” on the streaming players below or anywhere you listen to music these days right HERE. And if you want to grab the hi-res WAV files for yourself and support me directly, you can grab the songs from my Bandcamp page right HERE. I’m really excited to go on this 10-month journey with you. Thanks so much for listening and please spread the word if you get a second. Like I said before, you’ve stuck with me for three albums of chill meditation music. It’s time to bring the NOISE!

— Beak

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