Super Producer

Lazerbeak is a thug. Do not be deceived by the nice-guy introductions backstage. Beak is responsible for some of the hardest lavabangers in hip hop, period. Catchy, rib-crushing, filthy.

In his basement workshop, Beak works mostly with a MPC2000XL. He layers propulsive, hard-hitting drums with driving guitar and keyboard melodies. He paces after the addition of each element, ducking to avoid the overhead pipes, playing air drums, and calculating his next layer.

Beak’s sequencing is a large part of his sound. “After you’ve got the main structure, to make it a real song, you have to take it all part again. It’s like a battle with the beat, every time.” And Beak always wins. When it’s over, the effect is some helicopter-at-the-omnitheater shit. He’ll take a beat down to its most essential elements before letting it off the leash to explode into anthemic proportions.

Lazerbeak got involved with the Doomtree crew through his high school friendship with Stef (P.O.S). But by then he’d already been playing music for years. Since 8th grade he played with The Plastic Constellations, the indie rock group that would go on to tour the country, signed to French Kiss Records. Stef, having heard Lazerbeak’s music with TPC, encouraged him to start making beats. Beak got a loan from his folks to buy his first MPC from Guitar Center. Stef came over in the afternoon to show him the ropes. No looking back.

To date, Lazerbeak has produced over 400 beats. His production appears on almost every Doomtree release, including all three of P.O.S’ solo albums. He’s now completing the production for the upcoming Sims solo release and working on a solo endeavor of his own.

Most recently, Doomtree released Lazerbeak’s collaboration with Mike Mictlan. The two schemed for years to write and record the disc. For much of that time Mike was living in L.A. Lazerbeak sent Mike beat CDs in the mail. Mike rapped his verses to Lazerbeak over the phone. Big dreams, big phone bills. Now the fruit of their labor is available in all its glory as Hand Over Fist. Legend Recognize Legend.


Hand Over Fist (with Mike Mictlan)

Legend Recognize Legend

Bad Time Zoo (with Sims)


Lazerbeak's Blog

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 24, 2015

UPDATE 11/24 11:00am: Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Truth be told, I often write this blog on Monday to get a leg up on the week. I had the below post saved and ready to go this morning when I woke up to news of a terrorist attack on peaceful protesters nearby Minneapolis’ 4th Precinct police station, where people have been congregating for over a week now after the police shooting of Jamar Clark. I generally try to keep this blog and my social media posts as lighthearted and Doomtree-specific as possible, but I’m having a hard time just jumping into the usual promotional messages that this space is usually reserved for. Lot of pain, a lot of hurt, and a lot of anger in this city right now. I don’t have a ton of answers or even necessarily all of the latest developments, but I encourage you to follow the @BlkLivesMatter timeline, @BlackLivesMPLS timeline, and #4thPrecinctShutDown hashtag on Twitter and read up on what’s going on in Minneapolis, similar to what continues to take place in many cities around this country. My thoughts are with all those still camped out in north Minneapolis. If you’re nearby the city today, protesters could use warm food, gloves, hats, folding chairs, and hand warmers.

Now back to the original post. We’ve got some new music, new videos, and even some guest Bonus Jams from the winner of our Pop Quiz Hot Shot trivia game. Love love love. Take care of yourselves.

We’re getting ready to pack our bags and head out on the final leg of the Off in the Deep Tour at the end of this week. This will be the final all-crew Doomtree tour for the foreseeable future, as everyone begins to focus back on solo records next year. We decided to make some cool promo videos and send out a special message to each city in advance of these year-end performance. Check them all out below and grab your tickets right HERE.

GRAND RAPIDS – Monday, 11/30 – A special message from Paper Tiger – TIX HERE
YouTube Preview Image


PITTSBURGH – Tuesday, 12/1 – A special message from Lazerbeak – TIX HERE

YouTube Preview Image


TORONTO – Wednesday, 12/2 – A special message from Sims – TIX HERE

YouTube Preview Image


DETROIT – Thursday, 12/3 – A special message from Mike Mictlan – TIX HERE

YouTube Preview Image


 CHICAGO – Friday, 12/4 – A special message from Dessa – TIX HERE

YouTube Preview Image


MADISON – Saturday, 12/5 – A special message from P.O.S – TIX HERE

YouTube Preview Image 

BAM! Super pumped to be bringing our good friends Mixed Blood Majority and Bleubird along for this leg. If you or anyone you know lives close by any of these towns, make sure you guys hit up these shows and come party with us. Full list of dates below. Again, you can grab tickets right HERE. Really excited to see a ton of you out on this tour!


Speaking of Mixed Blood Majority, we just premiered a brand new single over at the Star Tribune this morning. You can read all about what Chris Riemenschneider had to say about it right HERE, and stream “Foxes Den” below. This song has been a live show standout over the past six months, and we wanted to make sure people had a chance to get familiar with it before this big string of shows coming up next month. So bump this super hard over the long weekend and then come out and scream the chorus with us at one of these shows.


We’ll be wrapping everything up with a big album release homecoming show in Minneapolis at the First Avenue Mainroom on December 11th. P.O.S and GRRRL PRTY will be there to round the whole night. Such a perfect bill. Check out the details below and grab your tickets right HERE.


And don’t forget about the awesome Insane World Pre-Order going on at the Doomtree Webstore. Thanks a ton to everyone who has already placed their order. Really appreciate all the support. The deluxe pre-order comes with a limited-edition t-shirt, CD, autographed poster, and immediate digital download of the first two singles. Check out the flyer below and grab your copy right HERE, all for less than the price of an oil change. BINGO BANGO.


Doomtree is going to be playing a big New Year’s Eve show this year in downtown Minneapolis for the annual Crystal Ball bonanza at International Market Square. Five floors of partying, and tons of DJs, drinks, you name it. This is our only in-town show on the books for the time being, so it’ll definitely be a hell of a way to put an end to 2015. Discounted early bird tickets are only available until this Friday 11/27, and if you use promo code “DTRGA” or “DTRVIP” you can receive $10 off of the already early low price. Grab yours HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.38.07 AM

One final quick show plug: My good friend deVon Gray is going to be performing this Saturday (11/28) at the Aster Cafe for his ongoing dVRG REDEFINED series. Should be a great night of new works, improvisations, rough drafts, covers, and much more. Highly recommended if you’re looking for something to do post-turkey coma. Details right HERE.

Aster gig poster 11-28

That’s the main news for this week. It’s now my great privilege to turn things over to Jake Kelley, winner of the illustrious Tuesday With Lazerbeak grand prize from our Pop Quiz Hot Shot online trivia game. Jake is gonna take over Bonus Jam and Baby Bonus Pic duties for the rest of this post. Without further ado, I bring you Tuesdays With Jake!

Hey TWL readers! I’m super-pumped that I won the TWL Takeover prize. Thanks a ton to everyone in Doomtree that made this happen. It was fun to follow the contest for a few weeks.

So, let’s get into it! Here is some stuff I’ve been into lately.

Being from Illinois, I have a soft spot for music from Chicago. Over the past few years quite a few amazing rappers have come out of the city but Chance the Rapper is by far the most well-known. His attitude and DIY ethic are really great, but the thing I love most about his music is the optimism. Even though he’s from a city known for violence and a generation known for cynicism, there is an overwhelming positivity to the art he makes. Check out his newest song, ‘Angels.’

Chance the Rapper — “Angels”


Another incredible Chicago MC is Mick Jenkins. His lyrical ability is amazing on all levels. 2014’s mixtape, The Water[s], was one of my favorite releases of the year. He put out a new mixtape this year called Wave[s] and I was really into it all summer. Here he is showing off his skills on ‘Ps & Qs.’ The video is pretty rad too.

Mick Jenkins — “Ps & Qs”

YouTube Preview Image


Chelsea Wolfe, a singer-songwriter from California, makes music that is both haunting and beautiful. Though her music is mostly genre-less, traces of gothic rock, neo-folk, drone metal, industrial and trip hop can all be found in her works. She directed this video for the song ‘Carrion Flowers’ from her 2015 album, Abyss.

Chelsea Wolfe — “Carrion Flowers”

YouTube Preview Image


And finally, something heavy. Within the world of metal, San Francisco’s Deafheaven are a bit of a controversy. Depending on who you ask, they are either the salvation or the death of black metal. Combining elements of shoe-gaze, post-rock and black metal, their sound is rich with texture and emotion. ‘Come Back’ is from their most recent album, New Bermuda.

Deafheaven — “Come Back”

YouTube Preview Image

Before I give the reins back to Beak, here are a few bonus pics. I have an amazing daughter, Scarlett, who turns one this month. This is her reppin’ DTR at about 9 months old.


Here’s a more recent picture of her dominating some mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets.


And here is the whole fam (my wife, Lindsay, is on the left) on a trip to The Great Pumpkin Patch a few weeks ago.


Lastly, I wanted to share some shots from last year’s Blowout. My friend Dan and I made the trek up from Illinois for the final two shows at First Avenue and had an absolute blast. I can’t thank the DTR crew enough for how great of an experience this was.



Awesome. Thanks so much, Jake, for totally crushing it on the guest blog tip. I definitely know who to hit up next time I need to cash in a sick day. That should do it for this week’s post. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend eating all of the foods ever and relaxing with loved ones. Can’t wait to see a ton of you out on the road next week for the Off in the Deep Tour. Come through, it’s gonna be the best!

— Beak

Twitter: @_LAZERBEAK_

Instagram: @lazerbeak


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.35.19 AM

Tuesdays with Lazerbeak!

Posted on November 17, 2015

Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! It’s a rare slow news week over at Doomtree HQ, so let me get into a quick recap of all the big stuff coming up in the next couple weeks. The entire squad is gearing up to head out on the final leg of the Off in the Deep Tour, and we’re thrilled to be bringing our friend Mixed Blood Majority and Bleubird along to warm everything up. These are the last out-of-town crew shows that we have on the books for the foreseeable future, so you definitely don’t miss out if we’re rolling through your neck of the woods. Full dates, cities, and venues listed below. Grab your tickets and even more details right HERE. This is gonna rule.


Speaking of Mixed Blood Majority, last week we announced the pre-order for our new album Insane World and debuted the title track off of it. Check out all the details for the deluxe pre-order below. You get the CD, limited-edition t-shirt, autographed poster, and immediate digital downloads of the first two singles, all for the price of two specialty cocktails. What savings! Grab your physical copy right HERE (or digital copy on Bandcamp right HERE) and support your lads. ‘Preciate you!


And don’t forget about the big Mixed Blood Majority Insane World release show at the First Avenue Mainroom on Friday, December 11th with P.O.S and GRRRL PRTY! Stef is going to be debuting a bunch of new songs in his rare solo headlining set, and possibly bringing a band to back him up as well. And GRRRL PRTY will be celebrating the release of Lizzo’s new solo album and playing a bunch of new crew tunes. Should be a glorious night for the ages. Grab your tickets HERE before they’re gone!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.25.18 PM

In case you missed it, here’s the first two Mixed Blood Majority singles to get familiar with this upcoming Insane World album. Really excited to start playing the new material live on tour and at the release show. We’re gonna drop another track for you next, so definitely stay tuned.

And while we’re on the Bonus Jams vibe, let’s get into a new one from GRRRL PRTY (so many segues this week – feeling myself!). Check out their Bionic-produced “Poppin’” single below. Lots of new material from them on the way.  Sophia Eris absolutely slaughters her verse on this one.

Polica just announced news of their upcoming United Crushers album, out on Mom + Pop Records this March 4th. I can attest that is really, really phenomenal. Check out the video for lead single “Lime Habit” below, and get AMPED.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a new one from local singer Fancy. I just got put on to her recent South Side mixtape, and there are some definite heaters on this thing. Check out the video for “Do It” below and stream the entire mixtape right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image

Been feeling this new album from Cool Uncle, which is the unlikely pairing of (Legend God) Bobby Caldwell and mainstream producer Jack Splash. I gotta admit, I was pretty skeptical about this project, but Splash definitely tapped into a ton of Caldwell’s strengths while updating the sound in a very tasteful way. Into it! Check out “Game Over” and “Breaking Up” below.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

And now for my ultimate guilty pleasure: New Country. One of my favorite past times is to watch all of the country award shows and find out about some of the new up-and-coming artists in the field. The CMA Awards put me up on Kelsea Ballerini a few weeks back, and I’ve been bumping her new album a ton when no one is around to judge me. Check out “Love Me Like You Mean It” below. It’s the best.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll leave you with a couple of Bonus Baby Pics before calling it a day. It’s been really awesome to be at home for a little while and spend some quality time with the fam. The Party of Five is crazier than ever, but everyone is doing great. Here’s Penny showing off some of the wildest hair in the game. Never seen anything quite like it.

Penny Hair

And here’s Lou and Cam playing their new favorite game: Netflix Keepaway. It oges something like this: Lou convinces Mom or Dad to let him watch a movie on the phone, then Cam comes over to try and enjoy said movie, and Lou immediately blocks his view. Starts out really funny and usually ends in tears (and occasionally a cracked iPhone).


Cam has been happier than ever these days, fully shedding the Crab Man handle for good this time. He’s taken a liking to musical instruments as well. Still working out exactly how the recorder is played, but he’s got the right idea at least. Fake it til you make it, man.

Alright, that does it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful week gearing up for this epic Vikings/Packers showdown on Sunday. I’ll see you next Tuesday with even more new Mixed Blood Majority music!

— Beak

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Instagram: @lazerbeak


Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 10, 2015

Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! I’ve got a ton of extremely awesome Mixed Blood Majority news for you today, so let’s just jump right into it. Without further ado, here is the brand new Mixed Blood Majority single and title track to our upcoming album Insane World, which drops on December 4th. Definitely one of my favorites from the record. Check it out and pass it around if you can!


And here’s the suuuuuuper sweet album cover, designed by none other than Kai Benson (fka MK Larada).


We’ve just announced the Insane World Pre-Order as well! You can pre-order the digital album through Bandcamp right HERE and receive instant grat tracks “Same Thing Coming” and “Insane World” right away. For the fans of physical goods, we’ve got a great Deluxe Pre-Order available through the Doomtree Webstore. You’ll get the 11-track CD digi-pak, limited-edition Mixed Blood Majority t-shirt, large glossy poster signed by Crescent Moon, Joe Horton, and Lazerbeak (that’s me!), and immediate digital download of “Same Thing Coming” and “Insane World”, all for only $26.99 (which is roughly how much Paper Tiger spends at Arby’s in just one sitting). Check out the details below and grab your Insane World Deluxe Pre-Order right HERE.


If you’re balling on a budget or just really don’t like wearing t-shirts, you can always grab the Insane World Standard Pre-Order, which comes with everything in the Deluxe Pre-Order minus the shirt. See below for details and grab a Standard Pre-Order right HERE.


And if that weren’t enough big time news, Mixed Blood Majority has also just been added as main support for Doomtree’s final leg of the Off in the Deep Tour! We’ll be hitting Grand Rapids, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, and Madison starting in late November. These will be Doomtree’s last out-of-town crew shows for quite some time, so you definitely don’t want to miss them. Our homie Bleubird is gonna be coming along for the ride as well and opening things up. So happy with this phenomenal lineup, should be a total blast. Check out the full details below and grab your tickets right HERE.


That’ll bring us right up to the big Mixed Blood Majority Album Release Show at First Avenue on December 11th. P.O.S will be performing an extremely rare solo headliner set, and GRRRL PRTY rounds out the totally stacked bill. Tickets are starting to move fast for this one. Check out all the sweet deetz and ticket info right HERE and don’t miss it!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.25.18 PM

Speaking of huge December shows (SEGUE): Doomtree will be closing out 2015 with a massive New Year’s Eve show at International Market Square in Minneapolis as part of the 12th annual Crystal Ball party! Dessa performed there last year and this time we’re bringing the entire squad along for all the festivities. You can learn more about this crazy five-story year-end celebration right HERE, and pick up your general admission and VIP tickets right HERE. We’ve got a special limited-time discount for you too: Enter promo code “DTRGA” or “DTRVIP” when checking out and receive $10 off the already discounted early bird prices. This one is gonna rule!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.38.07 AM

There’s a couple Doomtree-related shows going down this week as well to round out the month of November. Sims will be performing a headlining set at Triple Rock this Thursday, November 12th for People Serving People’s annual Sounds Like Home Benefit Concert. All proceeds will be going to help homeless families and their children. Come out, support a great cause, and get rewarded with a great show. Tickets and more info are available right HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.40.08 AM

Dessa hops on a plane tonight to head overseas for a couple of shows in Ireland and Wales later this week. On Friday (11/13) she’ll be in Dublin at the Mercantile with Aby Wolf and Anti-One. Check out more details HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.32.58 PM

And on Monday the 16th she’ll be in Cardiff, Wales at Clwb Ifor Bach. Tickets available HERE. If you’ve got people nearby either of those cities, definitely let them know about these rare performances. Should be awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.32.01 PM

OK, enough about upcoming shows. How about a quick recap of some recent shows? We had a total blast in Iowa City and Austin this weekend for Witching Hour Festival and Fun Fun Fun Fest. Here’s Cecil in IC cleaning up in pool and rocking a pretty appropriate new t-shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.44.40 AM

And here’s Dessa early in the day at Fun Fun Fun Fest conquering this tractor and feeling like a champ.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.44.21 AM

A view of the crowd right before we hit the stage in Austin. Really didn’t expect that many people to show up for our afternoon performance. So much fun.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.43.47 AM

Not totally sure what’s going on here, but this is Sims, Stef, and Dessa right before our official afterparty performance at Sidewinder. This seems like it could either be the cover of a new Slipknot album or the start of a Saw 14 movie trailer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.45.42 AM

Huge shouts to both festivals for treating us so well, and thanks to all the people that came out and rocked with us. That was a very memorable weekend. We were down Mike Mictlan again, but for really good reason. He finally had his baby boy and was at home tending to Daddy duties. So thrilled to welcome Bazqi Blue Lewis Marquez into the world. I think Doomtree might officially be outnumbered by our own kids now. Look at these little feet!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.33.34 AM

So wild. I’ll leave you with some cool Bonus Jams before calling it. First up is this new project from our good friends Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti, who both crushed it at the Doomtree Zoo this year. Together they are Cavanaugh, and they just released a sweet song and video for lead single “Screen Play.” Check it out below and get seriously amped for their full-length dropping later this month. Really excited for this one.

Cavanaugh “Screen Play”

YouTube Preview Image

Speaking of good friends, our ultimate bud Astronautalis just announced that he’s signed with Side One Dummy Records and released a brand new single to celebrate. Check out “Sike!” below and get psyched for his new album.

Astronautalis – “Sike!”

YouTube Preview Image

Now for a couple of Bonus Jam Docs. The FADER recently shot a mini-documentary on rising St. Paul talent Allan Kingdom. Check out the 8 minute feature below. It’s been pretty amazing to watch this guy consistently crushing it for the last couple years now. Big things coming.

Allan Kingdom – True North Documentary

YouTube Preview Image

Pitchfork just produced a mini-doc on legendary photographer and overall great guy Dan Corrigan. Dan has been documenting the Twin Cities scene for the last several decades and plays a big role behind-the-scenes at First Avenue. Always good to see him getting the respect and attention that he most definitely deserves. Check out the whole thing below.

Dan Corrigan  – Pitchfork Unsung Documentary

YouTube Preview Image

You know I’ve gotta close this thing out with the new Mixed Blood Majority single again on some Circle of Life steez. Check out the Insane World title track below and get pumped for the December 4th release by pre-ordering the album right HERE.

Mixed Blood Majority – “Insane World”

OK! That about does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you next Tuesday with another round of TWL. Go Vikes!

— Beak

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Instagram: @lazerbeak


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.35.19 AM

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on November 03, 2015

Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! We had a total blast in Milwaukee over the weekend ringing in Halloween right. Big time shouts to Lizzo and her squad for totally killing it, and to Surly and everyone on the Surly bus for coming down and repping so hard. Here’s a few shots of the huge crowd from stage. Such a sweet night.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.28.11 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.24.16 PM

And here’s a picture of me basking in the glory of a restaurant that shares my last name. Finally made it to Mader’s!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.24.43 PM

Can’t believe we’re really already into the month of November now. This month is jam packed with tons of crew and solo shows, so I figured it was probably time for another Official Doomtree Show Rundown. Things kick off this weekend with our final two festivals of the year. We’ll be in Iowa City on Friday (11/6) headlining the inaugural Witching Hour Festival. Really excited to get back to IC. You can grab more info on the fest and ticket details right HERE.


From Iowa we’ll hop on a plane to Austin, TX for the 10th anniversary of the legendary Fun Fun Fun Fest! We perform on the Blue Stage this Sunday (11/8) at 3:50pm. There are literally hundreds of bands playing this festival that I want to see live. Such a great lineup. Grab your tickets right HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.36.42 PM

As a special bonus, we’re also playing a club show Sunday night for the official Fun Fun Fun Nites afterparty. Our favorite guy Har Mar Superstar will be joining us at Sidewinder, and you can only get in if you have a  festival wristband. Come close out the weekend with us in style!


The following week, on November 12th, Sims will be headlining a People Serving People benefit concert at the Triple Rock with proceeds going to help homeless children and their families. Great cause and a great lineup. Check out more info and ticket details right HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.32.39 PM

Dessa will be heading overseas for a few shows this month. On November 13th you can catch Dessa in Dublin, Ireland for a show at The Mercantile (tickets HERE).

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.32.58 PM

And on November 16th she’ll be in Cardiff, Wales for a show at Clwb Ifor Bach (tickets HERE). If you’ve got people in either of those parts of the world make sure to give them a heads up. It’s not everyday someone from Doomtree makes it out that way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.32.01 PM

The whole crew will regroup back home over Thanksgiving weekend and then head out for the final leg of Doomtree’s Off in the Deep Tour. We’ll be playing Grand Rapids, MI on 11/30 (tix HERE), Pittsburgh on 12/1 (tix HERE), Toronto on 12/2 (tix HERE), Detroit on 12/3 (tix HERE), Chicago on 12/4 (tix HERE), and closing things out with a bang in Madison on 12/5 (tix HERE). These will be the last out-of-town Doomtree shows of the year, and probably for quite some time to come as we start to refocus on solo albums at the top of 2016. Definitely come out and party with us if you’re in the area and celebrate the end of an amazing and productive year. As always, you can hit up right HERE for all sorts of details on each show.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.45.16 PM

Don’t forget about the crazy Mixed Blood Majority release show at the First Avenue Mainroom on December 11th with P.O.S and GRRRL PRTY. This is a super rare headlining solo set from Stef, plus MBM will be playing tons of new songs off of our upcoming Insane World album. Thanks to everyone who already grabbed tickets during the presale. Tickets are now open to the public and moving fast. Make sure you grab yours right HERE. So pumped for this one!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.25.18 PM

Speaking of Mixed Blood Majority (Segue, Segue, Segue), we just wrapped up the final mixes for the new album last Friday, just in time for Halloween. Here’s a classic Spooky Basketball Halloween band pic we took after everything wrapped up. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Extra huge shouts to Graham O’Brien (pictured on the right) for all of his help with post-production and co-production on this album. I couldn’t be happier with how these songs are sounding, and I really think we tapped into a totally different feel with this album. We’ll be dropping a brand new single and album pre-order next week, so definitely stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.25.03 PM

In the meantime, let’s get kick off this week’s round of Local Bonus Jams with the current Mixed Blood Majority single “Same Thing Coming,” just in case you were living under a rock last week and missed the premiere. Can’t wait to share more of this album with you next week!

Mixed Blood Majority – “Same Thing Coming”

It was really great to see Lizzo over the weekend and hear her play some new songs live. Her upcoming album Big GRRRL, Small World drops on December 11th and she’s released a pair of banging singles so far to give you a taste of what she’s working with. Check out “Ain’t I” and “Humanize” below. The album sounds excellent and I was happy to land a beat on there (“The Ride”) and also lend a hand with some overall post-production work.

Lizzo – “Ain’t I”

YouTube Preview Image

Lizzo – “Humanize”

YouTube Preview Image

Prof released his Rhymesayers debut album Liability a few weeks back and recently put out this video for “Apesh*t,” which happens to feature a guest verse from none other than Waka Flocka Flame. Our dear friend DJ Fundo turns in the performance of a lifetime in the acting department. Not totally sure what constitutes as NSFW these days, but just a heads up that this might be it.

Prof – “Apesh*t”

YouTube Preview Image

Great to see BK-One back in the mix making music these days. He’s been working with Anthony Newes (Villa), Chris Bierden (Polica), and Nate Collis (guitar monster) on a new project called Bones & Beeker. Everything I’ve heard from these guys so far has been outstanding. They drop their full-length album on Wax Poetics on November 13th. Check out “Each Time I Die” below.

Bones & Beeker – “Each Time I Die”

YouTube Preview Image

The homie Mike Swoop relocated to NYC a while back, but I’m still lumping this one into Local Bonus Jams for old times sake. Mike recently wrapped up an EP with singer Lena Carr called Do Not Disturb, and you can stream the entire project below.

Mike Swoop and Lena Carr – Do Not Disturb EP

Wrapping things up, here’s a new visual from Bain off of his excellent Love in Blue album. There’s always been a really strong and steady stream of great live band R&B coming out of the Twin Cities, and this album definitely continues that lineage. Check out the extended jam “After” below.

Bain – “After”

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll leave you with a few ridiculous Halloween-themed Bonus Baby Pics. I was in Milwaukee for the big day and missed out on the mayhem, but it looks and sounds like the kids had a total blast. Here’s Laid Back Lou and Crab Man Cam rocking the Minion look with the Grandma’s.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.59.54 PM

And here’s Penny as either Anna or Elsa from Frozen (let’s keep that between us though, she’d kill me if she found out I couldn’t tell them apart). It’s a miracle that anybody kept their costume on for more than 15 seconds.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.27.36 PM

Trick or treating can take a lot out of you. Looks like the gang decided to stop for a classic mid-house chips and chili sidewalk break. Well played.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.27.07 PM

Here’s Cam getting into the pumpkin carving spirit back at home.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.26.52 PM

And here’s one more of Lou for good measure. We haven’t even seen that Minions Movie yet. Something tells me this may become an everyday outfit whenever we finally do.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 8.27.50 PM

Alright, that does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful first week of November. Excited to see a ton of you out in Iowa City on Friday and Austin on Sunday. I’ll be back next Tuesday with a festival recap and some brand new Mixed Blood Majority music. See you then!

— Beak

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Instagram: @lazerbeak


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.35.19 AM

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on October 27, 2015

Welcome back to a very special Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. It brings me great joy to announce that Mixed Blood Majority will be releasing our second full-length album this December 4th! It’s called Insane World and we’ve been hard at work on it for over the last two years now. For those that are unfamiliar, Mixed Blood Majority is the group consisting of Crescent Moon (Kill The Vultures), Joe Horton (No Bird Sing), and myself. Here’s our first single to give you a taste of what we’ve been up to. Shouts to Graham O’Brien on the co-production and Andrew Broder on the cuts. Really love this one and honestly couldn’t be prouder of the entire record. Check out “Same Thing Coming” below and help us spread the word!


We’ll be getting an Insane World pre-order together in the next couple weeks and dropping a few more tracks leading up to the album release, so definitely stay tuned for tons more info. On December 11th we’re gonna celebrate by throwing the most outta control rap party ever at First Avenue’s Mainroom with our ultimate homies P.O.S and GRRRL PRTY!!! Still can’t believe the lineup came together for this one. The most perfect of trifectas. Tickets will officially go on sale to the public this Friday at noon (cop those HERE), but if you sign up for the Doomtree newsletter right HERE you’ll get access to a special one-day presale taking place tomorrow (10/28) that will ensure you get a ticket to the event. Keep your eyes peeled for an email in the morning. So excited for this one. Check out the sweet show flyer designed by Kai Benson for even more details and GET PUMPED.


Speaking of sweet shows (SEGUE STREAK INTACT), Doomtree is headed to Milwaukee this Saturday for a crazy Halloween show at Turner Hall Ballroom! We’re bringing Lizzo and the Surly gang along for the ride, and this one is guaranteed to be theeeee best. Grab your tickets right HERE and come out and party with us. Costumes encouraged.


Hard to believe October is almost over and the first-ever Doomtree Zoo is now well over three weeks old. We recently uncovered a bunch of new merch from that glorious day and decided to throw it up online. We’ve got a ton of new shirts, hats, patches, bandanas, limited-edition screenprinted posters, baseball pennants (!!!), button packs, gloves, and drawstring bags all available at the Doomtree Webstore starting RIGHT NOW. A lot of this stuff won’t be printed again and is only available in limited runs, so grab it while you still can right HERE.



Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.16.35 AM



Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.48.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.48.55 PM



Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.39.57 AM


So sweet. Definitely gonna need to comp a personal pair of those gloves for November. I think that’s the main news for today. Sticking to the Mixed Blood Majority theme, I wanted to showcase some Bonus Jams from Crescent Moon’s main group Kill The Vultures. KTV just dropped their brand new album Carnelian last week via our friends at Totally Gross National Product, and the record completely slays front to back. I truly can’t recommend it more highly. Such a unique and distinct take on any type of music that I’ve ever heard. You can stream the entire album on Soundcloud below for a sampling, and then make sure you go buy it HERE and support incredible homegrown music.

Of course I’ve gotta tie it all back to this new Mixed Blood Majority heater “Same Thing Coming” to round out the Bonus Jams for this week. If you forgot to click play at the top of the page, let me save your fingers a little work by posting the song one more time for good measure. Beyond pumped to start rolling out this album campaign in advance of the Insane World release date (December 4th) and crazy release show (December 11th). Much more news coming way sooner than later. Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with a quick Bonus Penny Pic before calling it. Here she is a few weeks back at the Wifepiece’s office for Take Your Kid To Work Day. Not quite sure what that blue spatula has to do with accounting, but I’d be good money that Young Nelpz is hard at work developing some groundbreaking new techniques that will shake the financial sector to its core. All while rocking a fashion forward striped p-coat. Impressive.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.07.44 PM

Alright, I hope you all have an awesome week. Looking forward to seeing a ton of you out in Milwaukee this Saturday for the Doomtree/Lizzo show. Have a great Halloween and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday for another round of TWL!

— Beak

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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.35.19 AM

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on October 20, 2015

Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Doomtree just got home last night from our big West Coast run, so I’m playing catch up a little today. Enormous shouts to everyone in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas that came out to catch this leg of the Off in the Deep Tour. That was insane. I didn’t do a very good at grabbing pictures this time out, but here’s a quick shot of the Seattle show (courtesy of @anjapublic).

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.34.56 AM

 And here’s one that Stef grabbed of some of the folks who came out in Portland. The turnouts and energy at these shows were phenomenal. Feeling very grateful for all the support.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.28.51 AM

Here’s a cool shot that Sims grabbed of Stef and Astronautalis feeling waaaaaay blessed. Big time shouts to Astronautalis and Sister Crayon for completely destroying these shows. Such a great lineup to be a part of.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.23.06 AM

Now it’s time to look ahead at even more sweet shows coming up real fast here. Next up is Halloween in Milwaukee for a very special show with Doomtree and Lizzo. For those of you that live near the Twin Cities, our good friend over at Surly Brewing Co. are putting together an awesome road trip package that includes transportation, lodging, meals, tickets to the show, exclusive swag, and tons of great beer. Check out the flyer below for all the details. Seats are very limited, so you’ll wanna swoop these up fast if you’re planning on going. You can grab tickets right HERE. This is gonna be the best!


For those of you in Wisconsin who are just looking to attend the show, you can find those tickets right HERE. Can’t wait to hang with Lizzo and catch some her new material live. Hope to see a bunch of you out there ringing in Halloween right.


The following weekend we’ll be knocking out our last two festival appearances of the year. First up is Witching Hour Festival in Iowa City on Friday, November 6th. Grab tickets and info right HERE. Should be a blast.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.55.07 AM

From Iowa we’ll fly down to beautiful Austin, TX for a performance at the 10th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest on Sunday, November 8th. So many great bands are playing this one, I don’t even know where to begin. Check out the crazy lineup below and grab your tickets HERE. We’ll also be announcing details of our official Fun Fun Fun Nites afterparty show very shortly as well. Stay tuned!


And don’t forget about the final leg of the Off in the Deep Tour wrapping through the Midwest, East Coast, and Canada at the top of December. This will be our last run of the year, and I’m really looking forward to visiting all these towns. Tickets and all sorts of sweet deetz for each show can be found right HERE.


That should do it for upcoming shows for now. I wanted to send out a big congrats to the Grand Prize winners of our Pop Quiz, Hot Shot trivia game. Thanks to everyone who played, it really was the best to watch people have so much fun with this thing. You can check out a full list of the daily winners and Grand Prize winners HERE and play the game minus the prizes right HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.57.58 AM

I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Jams that I’ve been bumping as of late. Our old friend Craig Finn just released his second solo album and it’s really great. I’ve spent a lot of time on the blog over the years talking about what Craig and his band Lifter Puller meant to me as a kid growing up, and it’s always really excellent to hear new music from this guy. Check out “I Was Doing Fine (Then A Few People Died)” below and grab Faith in the Future right HERE.

YouTube Preview Image

Janet Jackson dropped her new Unbreakable album this month and it’s a total heater. I was really afraid “No Sleeep” would be the only real joint on this thing, but there are a ton of hits on here. Check out “BURNITUP!” below.

YouTube Preview Image

Lizzo just announced that her new record Big GRRRL, Small World will be dropping this December. Check out first single “Humanize” below and get pumped. The album is awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

Just got put onto this new band Dilly Dally, and I’m way into it. Definitely appeals to the junior high indie rocker in me. A lot of it has a Pixies vibe, but even louder and tougher. Check out “Desire” below. The singer’s voice is pretty incredible.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m still a little on the fence about this Drake/Future mixtape, but there are definitely a few cool tracks on there for sure. Here’s “Jumpman” off of What A Time To Be Alive.

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s a bonus Drake video just because of how absolutely ridiculous the dancing is in this thing. Mind blown. Let the memes begin.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.23.10 AM

I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Penny Pics before calling it. I’ve been missing this little peanut like crazy being gone so much with tours, Korea, and the Zoo. Really excited to be home for a bit and get in some serious quality hang time. She went on her very first camping trip this past weekend with her mom and granparents. Here she is in front of the new teardrop trailer, lovingly christened the “Miss P.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.28.05 AM

And here’s Penny with Mom getting ready for a big hike. Cool face.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.28.13 AM

One more of these guys. It appears that Penny has been working on her Donald Trump “Ya fired!” routine. All business, all day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.30.16 AM

OK! That about does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks again to everyone that came out to last week’s shows. Stay tuned next week for some big news coming from the Mixed Blood Majority camp. See you next Tuesday!

— Beak

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Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.35.19 AM

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on October 13, 2015

Welcome back to the return of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Huge shouts to P.O.S, Dessa, and Zoe for holding down the blog for me these past few weeks as we put the finishing touches on the Doomtree Zoo. What a beyond awesome day. Endless thanks to all the people that came together to make it all possible. Still haven’t had full time to process it all, but I’m thrilled with how everything went (and extremely relieved to have gotten through it in one piece). Here’s a couple of my favorite shots from Zoe Prinds-Flash that pretty much sum up the evening for me. Pretty ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.26.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.15.38 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.16.05 AM

Now that we’ve had a week to catch our breath, it’s on to the next one. The entire Doomtree squad is packing up and heading West for another leg of the Off in the Deep Tour THIS WEEK! We’ll be in Seattle on Wednesday (tix HERE), Portland on Thursday (tix HERE), Oakland on Friday (tix HERE), Los Angeles on Saturday (tix HERE), and Las Vegas on Sunday (tix HERE).


Really excited to get back out on the road with these guys, plus I’ve never been to Las Vegas EVER so that should totally rule. Our good friends Astronautalis and Sister Crayon will be joining us for every show on this run, and we couldn’t be more happy to have them. The lineup is STACKED, and these will more than likely be our last crew shows in the area for a good long while. If you’re anywhere near the West Coast definitely come out and kick it with us, or let your peoples know. Grab tickets and all the show details right HERE. We’re getting pumped to see you, as you can tell by this incredible picture below of Stef and Mike riding a dinosaur. Just a taste of how fun all these shows should be. See you soon!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.21.10 PM

After the West Coast we head back to the Midwest for a very special Halloween show in Milwaukee on October 31st at Turner Hall. This show is going to be NUTZ (Lizzo is playing too!), and we’re joining up with our best buds at Surly to make a weekend out of it with this super limited roadtrip package. Check this out!


For $199 you’ll get transportation, lodging, tickets to the show, awesome meals, vintage Surly/Doomtree swag, and tons upon tons of beers. Check out the details below and reserve your spot to this extremely limited roadtrip right HERE. Should be a total blast.


  • Travel to and from Milwaukee via coach bus (departs from Surly MSP at noon on Saturday, Oct. 31 and returns mid-morning Sunday, Nov. 1)
  • Box lunch and beer on the bus
  • Dinner and beers in Milwaukee (pre-show)
  • Hotel in Milwaukee
  • Ticket to the Oct. 31 Doomtree show (with special guests LIZZO and Rusty P’s& The LMNtlyst)
  • Hangout with members of Doomtree
  • A special gift pack including vintage Surly and Doomtree posters and other swag
  • Breakfast in Milwaukee (depart mid-morning on Sunday, Nov. 1 to head back to Minneapolis)
  • Lunch en route back to Minneapolis

Here’s a bonus pic of me kicking it by the Surly truck at the Zoo last weekend. Excited to be joining forces with these guys yet again for this Halloween bonanza.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.26.03 PM

Last week, after all the Zoo dust was beginning to settle, I hopped on a plane to South Korea to visit my sister’s birth family for the very first time. It was by far one of the craziest and most memorable weeks of my long-legged life. Once we get back from tour and things settle down a little more I’m going to devote an entire post to this life-changing experience, but until then I wanted to at least share a few pictures. Can’t begin to explain how special this trip was for our family and what a joy it was to all be together at last. Here’s a picture of Emily in Seoul with her mom and dad. Theeeeeee best.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.31.46 PM

And here’s a picture of the coast of Busan. Can’t wait to get back to this incredible country and spend more time with the fam. I know that it’s getting harder and harder to use the word “blessed” unironically, but this trip had me feeling just that. Incredibly grateful for this experience.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.31.57 PM

Between the tours, Doomtree Zoo, and Korea, life has become about as chaotic as it’s ever been here at the Mader household. I’ve been missing Young Nelpz, Laid Back Lou, Crab Man Cam, and The Wifepiece something serious as of late, and it’s been really nice to be home for these last few days to spend some quality time with everyone. I continue to be the worst at taking pictures in the moment, but here’s some great shots my mom got last week. Floored at how fast everyone is growing up. Here’s a cool picture of Penny getting high on sugar.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.37.32 PM

Everyone is finally starting to warm up to one another and actually play together. I gotta be honest, I really wasn’t sure that this day would ever come. Here’s P and Lou working on a sweet gymnastics routine in the backyard.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.37.47 PM

The search continues to replace the nickname “Crab Man Cam” with something a little more appropriate given this dude’s newfound cheerful nature. My dad has thrown “Happy CAMper” into the mix, and my father-in-law likes CAMbo (like Rambo). Open to any and all suggestions at this point. Whaddaya got?

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.37.58 PM

If you couldn’t tell, slides are a big hit around here these days. Slides and dinosaur sweatshirts.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.38.08 PM

Here’s Penny attempting to chorale her brothers into singing backups on several selections from the Frozen soundtrack outside the neighbors front door, which Penny is convinced is the door to Elsa’s room from the movie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.38.19 PM

And there you have it! Gotta run and get everything in order before taking off for tour tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Really excited to see a bunch of you out on the West Coast (grab those tickets HERE). I’ll be back next Tuesday with a tour recap and a bunch of Bonus Jams.

— Beak

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Doomtree Zoo Photo Recap

Posted on October 05, 2015

O. M. G. Sending out insane gratitude and thanks to everyone for all the love and support surrounding the Doomtree Zoo. What an incredible day. I’m truly floored at the amount of amazing people that came together to pull this thing off. I’m currently out in South Korea for the next week visiting my sister’s birth family for the very first time, but I’ll be back next week to elaborate on all of the awesomeness that went down this past weekend. For now you can follow this epic Doomtree Zoo Photo Recap from our ultimate FRIENDTOGRAPHER Zoe Prinds-Flash for a first-hand glimpse into the most ambitious event we’ve ever thrown. Seriously, thank you to everyone that came out and supported the show or had any hand in putting it together. Far too many of you to name right now, but just know how ridiculously appreciated you really are. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday for another edition of TWL. West Coast: We’ll see you next week (grab your tickets HERE).

— Beak

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot – The Game!

Posted on September 15, 2015

Oh man, soooooo pumped to finally announce the details and launch of Pop Quiz, Hot Shot, the brand new Doomtree online trivia game!!! We’ve collaborated with Minneapolis super agency Clockwork to bring you a totally nutz 16-day trivia game that delves deep into the lyrics and pop culture references on All Hands, all while interacting heavily with the crew at the same damn time. We’ve been keeping this project under wraps for quite awhile now, and it feels awesome to get this news out and into the word. Go right HERE to get registered and ready to play. Everything starts today. YES!!!


OK, so here’s how it all works. Think of Pop Quiz, Hot Shot as equal parts Rap Genius and Trivial Pursuit. The game tests players’ knowledge of the pop culture references on All Hands, which name checks everyone from Kobe Bryant to Venus di Milo. Things officially starts toady (9/15) at 12pm Central. Every day will feature a clue that leads players to a particular reference, which they’ll have to discover somewhere in the album lyrics. Along the way, players will get hints from Minneapolis institutions like The CurrentGlam Doll Donuts, and Trivia Mafia, as well as from individual Doomtree members. The game is designed for both die-hard fans and recent converts, so even if you don’t have a lyric tattoo, it’s fun–and funny as hell.  It’s full of little interactive videos of us acting out clues, hanging out backstage, and dunking on 4-foot hoops in my backyard. You get applauded by the whole crew when you get an answer right. You get berated by our toddlers when you fail. Head on over to the site to get registered and learn all the glorious details of how to play right HERE. Things kick off today at noon Central Time.

Webstore Grand Prize

We’ve got some truly incredible prizes that you’ll be entered to win just by participating. All players will be entered in daily drawings for free concert tickets and gift certificates to the Doomtree webstore. Big winners will score airfare and backstage passes to a Doomtree show, or even a signed test pressing of All Hands on vinyl along with the actual burnt ship in a bottle featured on the cover. One lucky player will get every single Doomtree item currently in print—every CD, shirt, poster, book, pin, flag, hat, scarf, and koozie. Another (arguably luckier player) will get personal life-coaching sessions with Dessa and myself. You just can’t make this stuff up (cause we did already). Check out the full array of prize packages here.

Airfare Grand Prize

All Hands Grand Prize

So crazy. Again, Pop Quiz, Hot Shot kicks off today (9/15) and runs through September 30th, with a new clue dropping at 12:00pm CST each day. I want to give an extra enormous gigantic shout out to the awesome team at Clockwork for turning our little idea into the amazing finished product that you see today. They’ve produced clever apps and promotions for big-league clients like Disney, Verizon, and Microsoft, and I’m still not quite sure how we roped them in to getting on board with this in the first place. They completely crushed it. So excited for everyone to try the game out today. Go HERE to check it all out!

On October 3rd, just three days after Pop Quiz, Hot Shot ends, we’re going to be throwing the Doomtree Zoo at CHS Field in St. Paul! This one is by far our most ambitious show to date. We’re less than three weeks out right now, and I still can’t believe the lineup that was pulled together for this all-day outdoor party. Tickets are a full $10 cheaper when you buy in advance, so make sure you grab yours now right HERE and bring some friends. This is going to be an insanely good time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.55.15 AM

We’ve still got a bunch of shows to knock out before all of that though. This weekend we head on up to Canada to play Rifflandia Festival on Friday (tickets HERE), and the final Riot Fest on Sunday (tickets HERE). Then next week, we hit the East Coast for the start of the Off in the Deep Tour. Tickets are starting to move fast for this first round of show, so make sure to grab yours right HERE. Speedy Ortiz!!!


OK, that does it for this post. Make sure you go and check out Pop Quiz, Hot Shot right HERE and help us get the word out about this sweet game. Looking forward to seeing a ton of you in person over the next month. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you back here next Tuesday for sure!

— Beak

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Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted on September 08, 2015

Welcome back to another Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Humongous shouts to Sims for taking over the blog last week and letting me focus more on Doomtree Zoo stuff. If you haven’t checked out his cameo post yet, make sure you do that right HERE. I’m gonna start things off with a bit of a mystery this week. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes putting together a very special All Hands project as a way of saying thanks for the tremendous support everyone has been showing this album. That’s truly about all I can say at this moment, but click the image below to be one of the first to get a sneak peak of what’s in the works. More info coming much sooner than later. Very excited about this!


Hard to believe, but the Doomtree Zoo is now officially less than one month away! Actually it’s less than four weeks away if you’re getting technical. Check out these new awesome promo videos courtesy of none other than Ander Other and get even more pumped for the show. Plus if you live in the Duluth, Mankato, or St. Cloud areas, you might just see one of these pop up on your TV this month.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

A lot of people have asked what’s the best way to get down to Lowertown St. Paul for the Doomtree Zoo, and we now have a definitive answer for you. Thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with the good people at Metro Transit to offer a voucher good for free rides on all Metro Transit buses and light rails from 11am to 11pm on October 3rd! All you have to do is click the button below and answer a simple two question survey. You’ll then be prompted to print out your voucher, and you’ll be on your way. HUGE SHOUTS to Metro Transit. Get your free voucher right HERE.


Thanks to everyone who has already grabbed a ticket to the Zoo. If you’re still on the fence, all you gotta do is check out the crazy lineup on the flyer below to be swayed. I’m still so elated with all the acts that agreed to play this first-ever concert. Grab your tickets and even more info on the Doomtree Zoo right HERE, and please help us spread the word. We’re really trying to knock this one out of the park (and you already know that pun is highly intended).


The Zoo isn’t the only big show we’ve got coming up in the next few months though. First things first: We’re getting ready to pack our bags once more and head down to Chicago for Round 2 of Riot Fest this weekend. If you’re in the area, make sure to come out this Sunday (9/13) and catch us from 1:30-2:15pm on the Rock Stage (right before De La Soul). We had a total blast at the Denver Riot Fest, and this one is gonna be a whole lot more of the same. Grab your single day Sunday tickets right HERE.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.01.20 PM

Then the following week we’ll be headed up to Canada for our first All Hands shows in that beautiful country. We’ll be in Victoria, BC on Friday 9/18 for Rifflandia Festival, and then Toronto on Sunday, 9/20 for the final Riot Fest. Click the flyers below for tickets and more details.



And don’t forget about the upcoming East Coast leg of the Off in the Deep Tour coming up in just a few short weeks! Still so outrageously pumped to be playing these shows with one of my favorite bands, Speedy Ortiz. If you’re in Philly, NYC, Portland (Maine), or DC, definitely come through and get there early to check these guys out. Tickets are starting to move pretty quickly. More show details and ticket info right HERE.

Doomtree-Off-In-The-Deep-Flyer-East-Coast-SPEEDY-ORTIZ (1)

I think that about does it for Doomtree-related news this week. I’ll leave you with a handful of Local Bonus Jams, since so many songs have been coming out of the Twin Cities as of late. We’ll start things off with a new video from Prof, who has an album dropping on October 16th via Rhymesayers. Check out “Bar Breaker” below, and look for the cameos from our very own P.O.S and Sims towards the end.

YouTube Preview Image

Eric Mayson just dropped his very first solo project last week. You might not recognize the name, but this dude has played in and sessioned for a ridiculous amount of groups out of the Twin Cities. Caroline Smith, Toki Wright, Lizzo, and Crunchy Kids, just to name a few. We’re super stoked to announce that Eric will be sitting in with us for the big Doomtree Zoo show as well. Check out Detail below in its entirety and get familiar with the man.


Mac Irv continues his streak of video singles with this new “Goal$” track. Shouts to Mac, Willie Wonka, and the whole team. Check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Bain recently dropped a new vizual for one of the standout tracks from last year’s Love in Blue album (which was a total local sleeper hit). Check out “Let Me Know” below. Really looking forward to hearing more from this group.

YouTube Preview Image

Dwynell Roland just dropped this new “WORD” single a few weeks back and it’s nice. Check it out below.


And finally, here’s a new single from our friend Mega Ran. He’s not technically from Minnesota, but I’ve got a beat on his upcoming RNDM album, so he’s getting thrown into the Bonus Jams this week by association. Check out “Losses” featuring Joell Ortiz and Murs below.

YouTube Preview Image

BAM! There you have it. I’ll leave you with a couple of Bonus Penny Pics before calling it a day. This little munchkin is growing up too fast. She started preschool two weeks ago and is riding the bus all by herself everyday like a big girl. Here she is on her very first day of school, waiting out on the stoop for the bus. Maaaaaan, I’ve been feeling all of the feelings about this stuff lately. So incredibly proud of her.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.12.32 PM

Here she is getting off the bus like a total champ. BAWSE STATUS.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.15.41 PM

OK, that about does it for this post. I hope you all have an extremely wonderful week and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for that Pop Quiz, Hot Shot site!

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