Madison, WI


Just a reminder if any of you live in or around the Madison area our very own Hand Over Fist (Mictlan + Lazerbeak) are playing a show to celebrate the CD release of the homie F. STOKES. Beak did all the beats on the record and this is the first chance to grab/cop the disc. Thursday 4/9/09 at The Annex … Read More


DoomtreeNews, Tour

After a week in paper bracelets, Doomtree has returned from South by Southwest. We tried new sodas, made new friends, hunted for outlets, crashed the network, found the van, slept in strange places, posed for a couple pictures and snapped some of our own. Our showcase at the Back Alley Social was a signature DTR performance–five emcees and a DJ … Read More

SPIN Magazine


After innumerable years of slow rotation, a Doomtree kid just made it to SPIN status. Big ups to Mr. P.O.S Check it here For all of you who joined the DTR family at First Avenue last weekend, THANK YOU. P.O.S, Sims, Lazerbeak, and Mike Mictlan are all looking dewey with a post-tour glow. Go nuts finding yourself in the photos. … Read More


DoomtreeNews, Tour

So much has transpired since the last transmission. We’re happy to report that all of our forces are advancing. The troops are sleeping hard, but wake strong every morning, and by mid-afternoon they’re capable of almost anything. In the West, the Never Better Tour wins strongholds in every city. Follow P.O.S, Sims, Mike Mictlan, and Lazerbeak here: On the Homefront, Cecil … Read More

POS “Never Better” Today

DoomtreeP.O.S, Releases

The Album is out today and there is SO much going on!!! P.O.S, Sims, Mike Mictlan, and Lazerbeak have left for tour this morning, details here. Go see them dudes in your town! Also the new Site for Never Better is up and running, check that out here. Tour Kick Off Video is here. And you can get it here!

POS leaks Drumroll

DoomtreeP.O.S, Releases

POS leaked “Drumroll” off his album “Never Better” today over at You can check it out there on his Myspace page or Imeem. Also Take a look at this album artwork, yeah its pretty much that insane new hotness.


DoomtreeP.O.S, Releases

Couple things real quick, as you just noticed a new P.O.S song is streaming on our splash page, (Why am i telling you that?). Also, the HAND OVER FIST instrumental record is available now from itunes, check out the store for info.

Tubman and Chrysalis


Doomtree is proud to announce that our charitable partner for this year’s Blowout is the Tubman and Chrysalis non-profit organization. Tubman is a community resource that helps women, children and families struggling with domestic violence, chemical dependency and mental illness. To learn more, visit If you’ve got a buck to spare this year, carry it down to First Avenue and … Read More