Plastic Constellations

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Yesterday marked the release the brand new album by our homies-for-life the Plastic Constellations. It’s a masterpiece, brother. Cop it now. We couldn’t be more excited to help these dudes celebrate their new baby and impending collapse this Saturday at First Avenue. The whole damn Doomtree crew will bring the ruckus, with additional ruckus to be brought by the Millionth Word (MK Larada’s … Read More

KRS-ONE @ Trocaderos


Tonight (Friday) the one and only KRS-ONE hits Minneapolis for a show at Trocaderos. The opening acts are nothing to shake a stick at either: Kanser, Muja, Truthmaze, B-Girl All Stars and more. But we’re particularly pleased to inform you that our own Dessa has teamed up with Maria Isa, Sha Cage and Indigo to form First Ladies of the Word, an … Read More



Over the coming weeks, Doomtree will start occasionally putting new, unreleased, and extremely rare songs on our myspace page for limited periods of time. Could be for a day, could be for an hour. Who knows? (We do.) And we’re only occasionally going to announce it. So it’s pretty much up to you; if you want it, come and get it.

False Hopes 8: Deity for re-Hire


Mictlan’s False Hopes 8: Deity for re-Hire has been out of print for a while now, but there’s good news for those of you who missed the last bus. You can now purchaseFalse Hopes 8 digitally from Mictlan’s myspace page. Welcome to the future. And don’t miss Mictlan performing in glorious analog tonight at the Uptown. After all, you can’t hi-five an … Read More

April Fools


Happy April, fools. Mike Mictlan will be blasting better beats this Friday at the Uptown, opening up for Building Better Bombs. Hardcore. Friday, April 4. Uptown Bar (Hennepin and Lake). $5. 21+. Showtime. With Voyager and Slapping Purses (ew).

SXSW Recap


In case we hadn’t mentioned it, SXSW was dope. And what exactly was the dopest part? Body shots with Michael Stipe? Kelsey Grammer quietly singing the outro to Frasier over and over by himself at a hotel lobby piano? No and no. I think it’s safe to say that cooling out with Fab 5 Freddy was proooobably the highlight. Check it.

SXSW Photos


We’ve upped a handful of SXSW photos to the media page (General, Live, Wings & Teeth). We’ll continue to upload pictures every day until all (roughly) 250,000 have been exhausted, or at least until we get tired of doing it. Come on back now. Oh, and keep checking the myspace page for new pics and content as well.

SXSW Update 2


Hi Mom. We’re back from Texas, safe and sound. We’ll post the pics and videos soon. Say hi to Dad if he’s still around.

SXSW Update


If driving from the East to the West (or vice versa) is considered driving cross-country, what is it called when you drive from the North to the South? Don’t know that I’ve heard a term for it, but it should probably remain nameless, as a trek like that should occur only under very specific, personally important, and occassional circumstances–not on … Read More



Sims & Mictlan are hitting Fargo tomorrow (Friday) for two shows at the Aquarium (no Nemo). All ages at 5, ID at 9. What are you gonna do about it? And remember, Dessa is in Nashville the same night. If your mom was from Fargo and your dad was from Nashville, I think it’d be safe to assume that they met at … Read More