Restless and passionate but with an unflinching realism at his core, Sims has seen enough of life to know there are no easy answers. His second full-length release, Bad Time Zoo, out February 15th on Doomtree Records, reflects this rapper’s ongoing quest for solid understanding in a society on the brink of dystopia. For Sims, it’s been a long road.

Andrew Sims grew up in the working-class Minneapolis suburb of Hopkins, Minnesota. His parents were both musicians with problems of their own, and Sims often had to look out for himself and his younger brother. “I was super short-fused,” he remembers. “I got in fights almost every day until I was about 13.”

He found solace in rap and R&B music, nurturing a love for mainstream hits as well as then-underground artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan. His parents didn’t approve of his new love, however, so he built a secret stash of cassette mixtapes that he traded to kids at school. He soon found a gift for rhyme and begin channeling his aggression into feisty, kinetic wordplay.

His rap habit quickly grew from playground cyphers to recorded projects. In high school, he met a local producer and rapper named P.O.S. who would sell him beats for $30 a pop and let him record at his house for free. Eventually, their home-recording experiment blossomed into a full-on musical enterprise that would pull in other aspiring artists and help put Minneapolis hip-hop on the map.

Enter Doomtree. Hailing from the same untamed Minneapolis indie music scene that spawned both punk legends the Replacements and, 20 years later, hip-hop powerhouse Rhymesayers, Doomtree has become one of the most trusted and influential names in grassroots hip-hop.

Since its birth in 2002, Doomtree has grown from a CD-R-slinging, fast-food-fueled DIY collective into a tightly knit, business-savvy operation. In addition to Sims and P.O.S., Doomtree’s roster includes some of the most daring artists working in hip-hop today: Lazerbeak, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, and Cecil Otter.

In a genre that all too often rewards imitation over innovation, Doomtree’s artists strive for originality without sacrificing mass appeal. As a result, fans of Doomtree have come to expect uncommon hip-hop delivered in clever, club-rocking doses, and Bad Time Zoo will not disappoint.

Setting himself as spokesman for a generation fraught by vapid commercialism, political cynicism, and the paradoxical power of technology to both connect us and drive us apart, Sims seeks a path out of the disappointment that plagues modern life. The time of plenty, inbox full / So why do I feel so goddamn empty? he demands on opening track “Future Shock.”

But while he casts himself as an alienated prophet, make no mistake: Sims’ message is of empowerment, hope, and badass beats. The results are epically infectious.

Over the pulse and sway of Lazerbeak’s urgent, expansive production, Sims raises 50-story verses and swings wrecking-ball choruses. With scenes straight from Darwin’s nightmares – people as animals gorging in the streets (“The Veldt”) – Bad Time Zoo is not so much a hip-hop album as a teeming, beat-driven urban wilderness.

On the horn-sample-driven first single, “Burn It Down,” Sims raps like a red-eyed city planner who just downed his eighth Red Bull and Adderall cocktail and is on the street corner calling for destruction before renewal. Or take the thumping, wickedly funny “One Dimensional Man,” an indictment of complacent liberals: You did your part, you gave your hundred bucks to NPR / You joined a co-op now, bought the hybrid car. (For the record, Sims votes Democrat and drives a hybrid.)

But lest you think you need an advanced degree and a machete to enter Bad Time Zoo, Sims keeps his narratives grounded and real, and Lazerbeak’s musical compositions would sound just as good on a club PA as headphones. Just spin “Love My Girl,” a pop confection that juxtaposes dark observations on the dating life with a surprisingly sweet candy center.

A pop-culture omnivore, Sims cites influences that range from the sci-fi of Ray Bradbury, to the films of David Lynch, to the 1940s graphic novels of Will Eisner. But most of all, Sims listens to the world around him.

“I draw a lot more from human interaction than I do from music,” he says. “I listen and try to understand how people function.”

Like all good writers, Sims has an ear for what makes us human.

“What are your soft spots? When are you at your most defensive, your most unabashedly happy or proud?” he elaborates. “Or when I see someone try to cobble a defense together when they’re hurting. Those moments are noteworthy to me. I try to pay attention to them.”

Pay attention to Sims, and you’ll be better for it.


False Hopes 4 (out of print)
Lights Out Paris
False Hopes 14
Burn It Down 12″
Bad Time Zoo (produced by Lazerbeak)
Wildlife – EP
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And The Winner Is……

Posted on October 09, 2009

For some reason I have been trying to keep our website politics free, which has proven difficult with the ongoing HealthCare “debate”, that has become an orgy of media dictatorship and an embarrassingly ugly and childish discourse but this was just too much today. President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize to this reaction:

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Wow.  These people are so conflicted. I really believe they are the most hypocritical, confused and generally lost group in politics…. possibly in the world.  See those people high-five-ing? I can’t see a more clear cut example of their bullshit.  You can read these reactions from US and World leaders that the mediocre at best Washington Post  published here… positive and congratulatory from the rest of the world, here… not so much. Shit, dude. I hope Glenn Beck and the Tea-Baggers choke.

This article is good too.

More at Huffington Post

If you feel like taking a little bit of action visit and email FOX NEWS here:

Alright that’s it for today…back to NASA bombing the moon.

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Posted on October 05, 2009

The Vikings let them back in the game towards the end. Aaron Rogers is for real but the Packers O-line is as weak as it gets. Jared Allen 4.5 sack 1 forced fumble and 1 safety. Favre still has it, 24-32 for 271 yards 3 TD’s. Adrian Peterson 55 yards on 22 carries. Sims 14 clapping/screaming outbursts on couch alone, 3 panicked hands to head moves. Lazerbeak held to a single tear of joy. VIKES WIN!


These dudes been falling off

Posted on October 04, 2009
YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

…And on the last day

Posted on October 04, 2009


Fighting for that playoff spot today in their last game in the Metrodome.


good riddance.

J. Cole

Posted on October 02, 2009

Don’t know if y’all are up on this guy but his flow is official.


World Is Empty ( <- click)

Thursday Night Jam

Posted on October 01, 2009

Here’s an old gem i was just bumpin in my girl’s civic tonight…


Come On (<- click that)

to my people in wisconsin..

Posted on October 01, 2009

I FEEL YOU.  I would be mad if i were you. Dad has moved on to a new and much much better family.  But I found this for you:


Me and Beak

Posted on August 05, 2009

killin it.


Bastille Day

Posted on July 14, 2009

Bastille day was dope. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Bastille Day