Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

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Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! I’m posted up in this LA heatwave currently, so this post might be a little quicker than usual in order for me to make it to an air-conditioned movie theater to watch Finding Dory and chill out. Let’s start things out with a big update on the Cecil Otter Dear Echo Vinyl … Read More

New DOOMTREE single “Spill Me Up” premiered by The A.V. Club

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BUY iTunes / Amazon / BandCamp / Doomtree Webstore Stream Spotify / SoundCloud / YouTube YESSSSS!!!! The good people over at The AV Club just world premiered a brand new Doomtree single! This is the first new crew music that we’ve released since 2015’s All Hands album and I for one am extremely PUMPED about it. “Spill Me Up” features … Read More

Cecil Otter Releases Dear Echo EP

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BAM! No April Fool’s joke here. Straight on the heels of this week’s excellent “Cross Countries” single, Cecil Otter has just released the brand new Dear Echo EP. Holy moly. I’m practically speechless with excitement, so who better to tell you all about this insane new record than Cecil himself. Take it away dude.   Here are 3 songs that … Read More

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

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HUGE WEEK OVER HERE AT DOOMTREE HQ. Yesterday our very own Cecil Otter dropped “Cross Countries,” his first new solo song in years, and it is an absolute monster! All production, songwriting, words, vocals, and artwork handled by Cecil himself. Check out the track below and please help us spread the word this week. New Cecil solo music happens only … Read More

Cecil Otter Releases Cross Countries

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WHOA. Cecil Otter just released this brand new “Cross Countries” single out of nowhere and it is CRAZY. His first new solo song in YEARS. Sooooooo pumped. All production, words, vocals, and artwork by Cecil himself. Check it out below and please help us pass it around if you get a second today. What a time to be alive. More … Read More


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ASTRONOMICALLY HUGE NEWS DAY: Yes, you read the heading correctly. This December will mark the tenth and final Doomtree Blowout.  Before the rumors ever have a chance of flying around, let’s make one thing clear: This in no way marks the end of Doomtree. When we all met up earlier this year to start planning the big Blowout X, we … Read More

"Beacon" Listen + Lyrics

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Raps: Dessa, P.O.S, Cecil Otter, Sims Beat: Cecil Otter DESSA I took it for a kiss, but it couldn’t have been, could it? / I see now what it is, we were just biting the same bullet / You called it in the air / it landed it on its edge / when the crowd gathers around / you turn … Read More