Tuesdays with Dessica

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Every so often, and only in the cover of darkness, I like to sneak into Lazerbeak’s penthouse loft and take his blog. Just snatch it away. A week later I sneak in to return it to exactly the same spot. On some Gaslight shit.  No time for ninja braggadocio, however. Been a busy week. A mere seven days ago, Paper Tiger’s … Read More

Tykes tykin'. Fancy blogtown. German shnapschotz.

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Dessa here, and with no time to waste. Doomtree is setting off for Chicago today to perform at Lollapalooza tomorrow. Further ado: I’ve announced a couple of benefit shows recently. I’m often reluctant to do benefit shows, not because i’m not cold-hearted (snaaake, look into his ey-eyes), but because I think they’re really hard to do well. That said, my … Read More

Dessa in Warsaw.

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This is Bartek.  Bartek is a Polish visual artist who lives and works in Warsaw. We were connected by a friend of his (who I met while standing in line at the University of Minnesota’s commencement ceremony) seven weeks ago. Our emailed exchange went something like this: “When will you and Doomtree be in Europe again? Maybe we could work … Read More


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As you may have surmised from the new images on the site, I’m involved in a rather unconventional release this fall. To my knowledge I am the very first member of the Doomtree collective with a metynomic shade of lipstick. (After learning that word, metynomic, I have waited years for the occasion to use it. And now, in the midst … Read More

Tuesdays with Lazerb–DESSICA!

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What a dashing readership. Let me assure each and every one of you that you have made a wise and virtuous choice in deciding to read today’s blog. Your taste = effing impeccable.  Lazerbeak, who you may know as our newest Doomtree dad, hasn’t slept in like 6 days. On our hour-long conference call today, he made about 8 minutes … Read More

On the road again

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Oil up the compass, and fish the sextant from the junk drawer; it’s time to hit the road. In just over a week, the band and I will set off on a little Midwest tour*. For the first time, we’ll be bringing Aby Wolf along; she’s an incredible singer and a major contributor to the set. With her singing harmony, … Read More

T minus 8.

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In the realm of competitive blogging, Lazerbeak has seriously trounced the rest of us. Sundays are for Jesus; Tuesdays are for Lazerbeak. Nonetheless, I (Dessa) am dusting off the cobwebs, firing up the electric typewriter, and preparing to fax this blog entry to the home office. I’m 8 days away from my show at the O’Shaughnessy, which is my biggest … Read More

"Beacon" Listen + Lyrics

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Raps: Dessa, P.O.S, Cecil Otter, Sims Beat: Cecil Otter DESSA I took it for a kiss, but it couldn’t have been, could it? / I see now what it is, we were just biting the same bullet / You called it in the air / it landed it on its edge / when the crowd gathers around / you turn … Read More