Video Premiere

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 The Current was kind enough to post a video for one of my new Boy Soprano songs. You can check it out here.  For those of you who preordered, see you tonight.  -Dess

(Pre) Sales Figures–Update

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Moments ago, I received the updated sales figures for my new album, A Badly Broken Code.  The bean counters at Doomtree’s HQ just submitted their final tally via certified airmail. They’ve clicked off their desk-lamps, leaned back in their chairs, and are now smoking in the semi-darkness of another endless dusk on the island where the Doomtree Main Office is … Read More


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First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered my new album, A Badly Broken Code. I know that 2009 wasn’t flush for most folks, and there are a lot of other ways to spend $12.99. Now, down to details. I’ve just sent off an email to Ander Other, our trusty intern, about the live broadcast that’s associated with … Read More

Video and the Radio Star: A Delicate Ceasefire

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Last night, we finished filming for my second music video. We shot in the woods of Fort Snelling, flood lights trained on a bend of desolate road.  Directed by Todd Cobery. Shot by Bo Hakala. Cameraphone image snapped by My Roommate (Thanks Jaclyn).

This Is It.

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  Well, this is it. I’ve spent the last few years writing and recording to try and produce an album I’m proud of. I came up with a collection of 15 tracks titled A Badly Broken Code. Doomtree has spent infinite hours, and most of our finite dollars, to support this album. For the first time in our history we’re … Read More

Earning my Miller Light

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Got a little mention on the New York Times site today. Feeling fancy. May just be drinking from a plastic champagne flute this evening.

From the vault.

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Cleaning up my files today, I found the mixing notes that I made about Doomtree’s 2008 self-titled release. I’m not sure what the first sentence referred to. The second second is the irrepressibly, Puritanical me. INTRO The line about POS that shows up at the start of the song may give listeners the wrong impression, in that no other performers … Read More

Dixon’s Girl


Dessa – Dixon’s Girl A Badly Broken Code [audio:]

Fact Check.

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Oh man. I just got a list of questions from the fact checker at Minnesota Monthly magazine. The fact checking process is pretty standard fare: you talk to a reporter then somebody from that reporter’s office contacts you to make sure that your statements were captured accurately. Nonetheless, some of the questions in this round were pretty stellar.  1. You … Read More