I declare this pizza to beeee…….awesome (9/21/10)

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Alright. I’ve decided to start a new internet posting or “blog” if you will.  The purpose of this blog will be to cue you in to some secrets and hopefully allow you to step your food game up. This will be a comprehensive guide on how to cook it up and eat like a trill bawse. I will include some of my … Read More


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I’ll be in Denver on Saturday this week. Here’s a link for tickets: http://www.3kingstavern.com/show/detail/28734

New Song

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So Beak and I are working like crazy. Been that way, and we’re not gonna stop. So here’s a little manifesto track for you, just a little snack until we serve up our record. You might recognize the beat. http://sims.bandcamp.com/track/here-i-stand

Albums I purchased more than 3 times

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I was unpacking some of my stuff earlier from the move (yes I know its been over 3 months since I moved but I’m busy procrastinating) and I found some records I had, albums that I have purchased more than 3 copies of because I could not stand life without them.  They were either lost or stolen but certainly replaced. … Read More

wow, look at these suckers

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This might be the most self-indulgent, masturbatory thing I have ever seen. I am all about raising awareness for the Haitian relief effort but c’mon yo! I love it when celebrities try to make themselves feel better by “contributing” Check 5:50, LL tv cop J is goin in! Killin em son!


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Tragically, Glenn Beck still alive

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In what is easily today’s most disappointing news swollen, pudgy, overwrought, alienating lunatic Glenn Beck still alive, here’s the official story:

Instrumental Saturday

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Despite the fact that I didn’t make these beats Imma post ’em up on here so y’all can peep ’em.  Figured I could let you know a little about my process in writing. I don’t know maybe we’ll do some remix contest or something in the future.  MK made this beat a year or two ago and sent it to me … Read More

And The Winner Is……

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For some reason I have been trying to keep our website politics free, which has proven difficult with the ongoing HealthCare “debate”, that has become an orgy of media dictatorship and an embarrassingly ugly and childish discourse but this was just too much today. President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize to this reaction: Wow.  These people are so conflicted. I … Read More