Tuesdays With Dessica

Posted by Dessa on September 29, 2015

Hello, assorted friends.

This is Dessa, reporting by proxy for the esteemed Lazerbeak, whose weekly updates we all enjoy so thoroughly. Beak’s been burning the midnight oil in preparation for this weekend’s big show so I’m pinch hitting to allow him a few extra minutes of REM sleep today. He’s no doubt dreaming of a perfectly balanced spreadsheet that extends to the horizon in gentle, rolling hills. Sweet dreams, Beak, sweet dreams.

The whole crew arrived home yesterday, after a brief East …

Tuesdays With P.O.S

Posted by P.O.S on September 22, 2015

Hey all you people
This is totally not Lazerbeak!
It’s Tuesdays with P.O.S

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.28.23 AM

I’m taking over this week. A quick recap of what’s been up in Doomtree world fast and rad. We just wrapped up the last of our run with RIOT FEST! Thanks to everyone that came out in Denver, Chicago and last weekend in Toronto. All of the shows were mega …

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot – The Game!

Posted by Lazerbeak on September 15, 2015

Oh man, soooooo pumped to finally announce the details and launch of Pop Quiz, Hot Shot, the brand new Doomtree online trivia game!!! We’ve collaborated with Minneapolis super agency Clockwork to bring you a totally nutz 16-day trivia game that delves deep into the lyrics and pop culture references on All Hands, all while interacting heavily with the crew at the same damn time. We’ve been keeping this project under wraps for quite awhile now, and it feels awesome …