Tuesdays with Dessica

Posted by Dessa on March 17, 2015

Our faithful friend Lazerbeak is taking the morning off (having cleared it, of course, through Doomtree’s HR department) and in his stead I’ll be reporting live from the field.

Having descended the West Coast, we’re now turning inland, making our way towards Austin, Texas. There we’ll convene with thousands of other bands for the music-and-barbecue-super-fiasco of SXSW.  Some of us have already donned practice sunburns in preparation for the Texan heat. (I’ve warned the guys that I’ll be periodically ambushing them …

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted by Lazerbeak on March 10, 2015

Welcome back to another round of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. The second leg of the All Hands Tour marches onward this week, and the dudes have finally hit the West Coast! They’ll be making their way through Washington, Oregon, and California this week, after playing a beyond sold-out show in Seattle last night. Portland is up next tonight (Tuesday, tix HERE), followed by San Francisco on Thursday (SOLD OUT!), Los Angeles on Friday (less than 30 tix left …

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted by Lazerbeak on March 03, 2015

HOLY MOLY, it’s time for one of the most action-packed Tuesdays With Lazerbeak of ALL TIME. Here’s hoping we can all make it through this onslaught of big time news announcements in one piece. OK, jumping right into it. We’ve spent the last week at home catching our collective breath between legs of the All Hands Tour. This tiny break gave us just enough time to celebrate the one-month birthday of All Hands by playing a big ol’ sold-out hometown …