Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

Posted by Lazerbeak on October 13, 2015

Welcome back to the return of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Huge shouts to P.O.S, Dessa, and Zoe for holding down the blog for me these past few weeks as we put the finishing touches on the Doomtree Zoo. What a beyond awesome day. Endless thanks to all the people that came together to make it all possible. Still haven’t had full time to process it all, but I’m thrilled with how everything went (and extremely relieved to have gotten through it …

Doomtree Zoo Photo Recap

Posted by Lazerbeak on October 05, 2015

O. M. G. Sending out insane gratitude and thanks to everyone for all the love and support surrounding the Doomtree Zoo. What an incredible day. I’m truly floored at the amount of amazing people that came together to pull this thing off. I’m currently out in South Korea for the next week visiting my sister’s birth family for the very first time, but I’ll be back next week to elaborate on all of the awesomeness that went down this past …

Tuesdays With Dessica

Posted by Dessa on September 29, 2015

Hello, assorted friends.

This is Dessa, reporting by proxy for the esteemed Lazerbeak, whose weekly updates we all enjoy so thoroughly. Beak’s been burning the midnight oil in preparation for this weekend’s big show so I’m pinch hitting to allow him a few extra minutes of REM sleep today. He’s no doubt dreaming of a perfectly balanced spreadsheet that extends to the horizon in gentle, rolling hills. Sweet dreams, Beak, sweet dreams.

The whole crew arrived home yesterday, after a brief East …