Live and direct from the home of Stax and Three6Mafia, Dessa will be doing an interview tomorrow (Tuesday) on the radio in Memphis to promote the show she’s playing there on Friday. It’s on at 7pm, Central Standard. Don’t live in Memphis? Why not? Well, luckily you can listen in via your computer: here. I just got Graceland by Paul Simon … Read More

Doomtree @ SXSW


Doomtree will be playing three times at SXSW this year, so there’s no excuse to miss us altogether. Unless you’re not going to SWSW. I suppose that’s an acceptable excuse. So there’s exactly one excuse not to catch us. No, wait. Two. Or wait one. You know what? Nevermind, man. Just bring your silly ass out: Two shows on the … Read More

We're Working Hard™


What up what up. Been a minute. But let it be known, We’re Workin’ Hard™. Be patient. It’ll all pay off very very soon. In the meantime, you may be interested to know: This Friday Mictlan, Sims, and Paper Tiger will all be taking work off in observance of Dre Day. As they do every year, the Burlesque guys are throwing … Read More



Yes, it’s been a few days, and we apologize, but that’s how long the aftermath takes. Thank you to everyone that came down to the Blowout. We had (yet again) a simply retaaahded good time. Hopefully you did as well. This year has been a crazy one for the Doomtree clan, and we thank all of you old-schoolers and die-hards … Read More


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Holy mother of invention. The Blowout is tonight. We have all kinds of crazy crap to do before the doors open (Good Morning America, pull-ups, pot roast) so let’s make this brief: Please show up as early as you can. If not to ensure entrance, then because a full night of entertainment begins AT EIGHT PM SHARP. That’s right. At doors. … Read More

False Hopes & Press

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For all of you out-of-towners, under-agers, recluses, and the currently incarcerated who won’t be able to make it to the Blowout, Doomtree is pleased to announce that pre-orders are now available for both new False Hopeses! This offer is a Doomtree webstore exclusive, babe. Cop yours. All orders placed before 5:00pm on Friday, December 14th will ship on Monday the 17th. Happy birthday Jesus, … Read More

Two False Hopes


Yeah, the rumors are true: At eight o’clock on December 14th, as the doors creak open to welcome you to the Blowout 3, Doomtree will be issuing TWO new False Hopeses. Ouch. First off, Paper Tiger is dropping his debut disc, and let me tell you it’s real real solid. Seven knocking instrumentals and a track featuring our very own Dessa. Get … Read More

Blowout 3

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Yes ma’am, it’s getting to be that time of year again: Mother Earth is preparing herself for slumber, and as soon as she fully drifts off Doomtree will be sneaking out of the house with a twenty we nicked from her purse, half a fifth of Hot 100, and a taste for trouble. We plan to once again satisfy that … Read More

Coupla big shows

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Big coupla weeks for shows, peoples. Couldn’t help but get on the innanet and holler about it. First (and perhaps weirdest) we have Dessa’s psuedo-real performance at IPR on Thursday the 6th at 8:00pm CST. This is what’s happening: Dessa will be headlining the show with several hand-picked openers, and despite the venue’s limited “actual capacity” the whole thing will be streamed live via the … Read More

Warped Tour

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P.O.S, Sims, and Mictlan will be playing the Warped Tour this Sunday in Minneapolis. All three sets will be accompanied by the lovely Paper Tiger. The event will be held against the picturesque backdrop of the Metrodome parking lot. Do check it out. Sims and P.O.S and Papes are staying on with the tour for a few weeks. Check the full routing here, and don’t … Read More