On the overnight drive.

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Most of Doomtree had some variety of respiratory infection for the past week. In the van at night, chesty coughs rose from every direction in the darkness.  Lazerbeak (ever the optimist) was convinced that his rising fever was evidence that his body was beating the infection. Somehow this line of reasoning took hold, and as our conditions worsened, we became … Read More


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Hello all, The book club is officially on. For those of you just joining in, the first title we’re reading is Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. So here’s what I’m thinking: Let’s read the chapters 1 through 8 by next Sunday, the 26th. We’ll read through the end of the book by the Sunday after that. I’ll be introducing a … Read More

Last Days.

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Pre-order here: http://store.doomtree.net/product/legend-recognize-legend-lazerbeak And thanks. Dessa.

All Day. Erry Day.

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Doomtree is positively a-buzz with industry. Yesterday, while sitting in my mom’s car at the Mall of America, I got a call from Alex at Billboard. He called to inform me that Paper Tiger’s album made one of their charts.  And we chatted! Because we have developed what can be fairly called ‘a friendly and informal rapport’! I will keep … Read More

Final Countdown

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Tomorrow is the last day to pre-order Paper Tiger’s full-length record, Made Like Us. As most of you already know, pre-orders are what allow little fish like Doomtree to swim in the big tank. Pre-orders help us convince decision-makers in the industry that we can, in fact, sell albums—even though our budgets don’t allow for shiny magazine ads or expensive … Read More

Linking Up

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The satellite images show a lot of activity at Doomtree HQ this week. Paper Tiger has been working round the clock to finish a special Doomtree musical compilation for our art show at the Minnneapolis CO Gallery on the 26th of June. We’ll be presenting a decade of our own visual artwork and some selected pieces created by (pretty effing) … Read More