"Beacon" Listen + Lyrics

DoomtreeCecil Otter, Dessa, Doomtree, P.O.S, Paper Tiger, Sims

Raps: Dessa, P.O.S, Cecil Otter, Sims Beat: Cecil Otter DESSA I took it for a kiss, but it couldn’t have been, could it? / I see now what it is, we were just biting the same bullet / You called it in the air / it landed it on its edge / when the crowd gathers around / you turn … Read More

Castor, The Twin release concert

DessaDessa, News

On Friday night, I performed at the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul. It was the biggest production of my career. Thank you to every musician, technician, and attendee. Zoe Prinds-Flash photographed the concert.

Dessa on the East Coast

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I’m writing from a Chicago sunroom (thanks for putting us up, Anna) with some pretty big news for me and the band. In a few short weeks, we’ll be heading out on our very first East Coast headlining tour.  Just a little trip, but feeling like a pretty big adventure. Here goes. Thursday, November 10th. Iota in Arlington. Friday, November 11th. … Read More

Castor, The Twin.

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Today’s the big day! The official Castor, The Twin release date is upon us. Hyperbole! It’s like a secular Christmas for which you must buy your own gifts. Preorders are arriving and the record is now available online and at record stores. And, as always, Doomtree has a master plan. But–as always–this plan is woefully simple. Here it is: Convince … Read More

One Last Push.

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The pre-order for my new disc, Castor, The Twin is drawing to a close, so the The Kid Ander and I made a little video to more fully explain the project. Thanks to everyone who’s spent a bit of their lunch money with us. [vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/29359566[/vimeo] If you’d like to pick up a signed pre-order copy, you can still do so here. … Read More